WordPress 5.0 When is the best time to upgrade?

WordPress 5.0 comes out today, December 6, 2018, a party in Spain and in much of Europe, so more than one will be surprised by this major update.

And we say older because it definitely integrates the controversial new editor Gutenberg.

If you do not know very well what this Gutenberg is about, I recommend that you read some of our posts about it.

And we say controversial because rivers of ink and debates have flowed throughout the WordPressphere, community, post, WordCamps, Meetups about the good and the bad of Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is a great leap for WordPress, it is the new block editor that comes to replace the hitherto classic editor, more visual, more organized, more options and with a series of tools that initially help when creating and editing our post but it needs learning and adaptation.

One of the great disadvantages of Gutenberg is that it has forced most plugin and theme developers to adapt their products to be compatible with Gutenberg and not all of them have been adapted, in fact, today, surely you are receiving emails from updates of plugins and themes, in which their main change is that they are compatible with Gutenberg.

The most popular and important developers are already distributing their products with the necessary changes to be compatible with WordPress 5.0 and especially with Gutenberg.

The problem is that there are thousands of plugins and thousands of themes and not all of them are being adapted, especially those that are very old, they are practically abandoned and no update is expected from them for compatibility with Gutenberg and the internet is full of WordPress with These plugins and themes, which have not been updated for a long time, which at the moment work but now, it is very possible that they will stop working and destroy thousands of web pages developed with WordPress.

It is important to say that this update is a major update and therefore, it is not automatic, it must be done manually, so a priori we should not fear for it.

Likewise, if you decide to update to WordPress 5.0, we recommend that first, you install the classic editor as a plugin, as we explained in our post

When installing the classic editor, this will be your default editor and will “block” Gutenberg, this will give you time to check what actions you should take and you can always switch from the classic editor to Gutenberg and vice versa, so this should not be a problem, Gutenberg, initially it won’t break the original edit of your post.

But…. And there is always a but, it is very possible that some of your plugins and themes are not compatible with Gutenberg and this may be the real problem, that your website breaks.

That is why it is very important that you check with the developers of your plugins and themes, that they are compatible, those that are from the WordPress repository, you have their technical sheets and support forums, those that are paid, will have their website or way to contact them to make sure they are compatible.

But when is the best time to upgrade.

At first, it is not a security update, so we can wait to update, my recommendations are as follows:

  • Install the classic editor as a plugin, to be the default editor ahead of Gutenberg.
  • Make sure your plugins and themes are compatible and up to date.
  • Before updating, make a backup or two.
  • If your hosting provider provides automatic updates, disable them for now.
  • Do test environments, clones, staging, to know for sure that nothing will break.
  • Get up-to-date by visiting blogs, forums, WordPress repository, and others to see the experience of other users.
  • If your website has been developed for you by another person, company, agency or they carry out maintenance for you, contact them and make sure they have the subject under control.
  • The order of updating, first themes, plugins and lastly WordPress.

The best thing is to be careful, to make sure that everything will work well, that everything is compatible, that we have the information, that we have backup copies.

From there, when we already know that everything is going to be fine, that all our plugins and themes are compatible, we can update without problem, but always, taking the precautions mentioned above.

We will continue to inform through our blog and Social Networks, you can follow us at @hostfusion, on our official Facebook page and in our WordPress Security group where we discuss this issue and of course about WordPress security.