WordPress 4.9 will implement more functionalities in the text widget

In the program number 54 of WordPress News in Spanish, we will continue to tell about the news that the new version of WordPress 4.9 will bring us. So that you are up to date and discover all the new tools that this new version brings us.

This time WordPress 4.9 continues to make improvements and new features in the widgets, now in the text widget, to which they have added the media button so that we can upload an image, video, sounds just like we can do with the text editor of the post or pages.

It will also have the ability to embed video and support shortcodes.

All these new functionalities have the objective of facilitating these tasks that previously we either did them with the WordPress editor itself, copying code and pasting in the text widget or we used one or more plugins to do it.

It is clear that the WordPress development team is very clear about everything that the user has been needing and demanding for a long time and that WordPress is not flooded with plugins to do anything, more and more functionalities are being integrated so that everything is more easy.

In other sections we will tell you that WooCommerce, after 7 years, has decided to shelve the popular Canvas theme, installed in hundreds of thousands of WordPress, a quite controversial decision since as I comment there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress that use this popular theme, and they are making the recommendations to migrate to new themes of their Store Front Themes.

The reason for this decision is that Canvas will no longer be compatible with Gutenberg and the WordPress Customizer, since Autommatic insist that the future of WordPress is Gutenberg, so you have to get used to what is coming.

In fact, in WordPress 4.9 it was expected that you would skip a recommendation to install Gutenberg, which in the end and for now they have decided that this recommendation will not appear, but we will see what happens at the end when version 4.9 comes out.

What is clear and totally decided is that Gutenberg will be the WordPress editor, to which more and more functionalities are added, such as support for Meta Boxes.

In terms of security, we will tell you the latest news in Security, such as the Zero-Day of the Contact Form for WordPress plugin – Ultimate Form Builder Lite, Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress, Qards – Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) among others .

When it comes to plugin and theme updates, the popular Enfold theme has been updated, and Yoast SEO doubly.

Tell you that yesterday we were at the Majadahonda WordPress Meetup attending Pablo F. Iglesias’ presentation on Generating a community around a personal brand, in the previous post you have the video.

I’m all and much more, today, Thursday, October 26, live and direct in this same post.

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