WordPress 4.9.6 y la RGPD

WordPress 4.9.6 with tools for the GDPR was released on May 17, 2018.

This new minor version that includes up to 95 modifications that correct bugs from the previous version and also the update of TinyMCE to its latest stable version, includes a series of tools, as a first part, for compliance with the RGPD.

But it also includes new errors that we will comment on in this post.

The news:

On the comments

Now in the comments we have a check box that reads Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment, this means that when you activate this box, a cookie is saved in your browser so that the next time you you want to make a comment on that website, it recognizes you.

But the drawback is that it does not comply with the law since it does not allow to include the acceptance box of the privacy policies and neither to add the first layer of information required by law, for this it would be necessary to use a plugin such as Subscribe To Comments Reloaded that if it allows you to add these functionalities to comply with the law.

comments in WordPress 4.9.6

Privacy settings

Now we have a tool that allows you to choose the privacy policy page if you already have it or you can generate one as a template that WordPress itself provides.

Privacy settings in WordPress

This new tool is available in Settings, Privacy.

Export and delete data

Another of the new tools that WordPress brings us is the possibility of Exporting the data requested by a user and generating a link that will be sent to them so that they have access to their data.

Data export in WordPress 4.9.6

And data deletion, where the deletion of data requested by a user can be managed

Delete data WordPress 4.9.6

The new bugs in this version 4.9.6

At the moment and as of today, May 21, 2018, two important failures have been detected.

The first is that this was supposed to be an automatic update, but it has not been the case, if you really want to update to this new version, you will have to do it manually and also if you are still running version 4.9.3 since this version does not update automatically to no version.

That said, if you want to update your WordPress to 4.9.6 and have the new tools, update manually by making a previous backup.

The second is something that they will have to solve as soon as possible, since it affects the SEO issue and many SEOS are quite annoyed with this matter.

It turns out that when you delete a user’s data, the username is replaced by anonymous and the links are replaced by http: //site.invalid, that is, this generates broken links, something that Google and SEOs do not like it a lot, but the good news is that the report of this error has already been opened so that it can be corrected in the next version of WordPress.

If you are our client, our system has already notified you that you have the new version of WordPress in Softaculous and that you can update from Softaculous itself by making a previous backup.

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