WordPress 4.9.1 just around the corner

Indeed, WordPress 4.9.1 is just around the corner and will primarily solve a bug in WordPress 4.9 that our friend José Conti reported to us, the cache generated by WordPress in the templates, which is not deleted until about an hour later or like ours Friend Conti shows us in a video, it can be solved by changing the version number of the theme, or using a plugin developed by Weston Ruter and available at GitHub .

For those who are not clear, this bug has nothing to do with the server cache or cache plugins of our WordPress, this is a cache generated by WordPress itself for the templates and that lasts approximately 60 minutes and does not allow viewing changes that are made to the code of the theme you are working on.

It mainly affects developers, who need to flush the cache to see their changes in real time, as we have commented, either by changing the version of the theme or using the mentioned plugin.

Here you have the explanatory video of José Conti:

Problem with templates in WordPress 4.9 from José Conti on Vimeo.

Well, this is the main reason why we will have WordPress 4.9.1 shortly.

You can follow the program live in this post.

We will continue with our regular sections, updates, security and community news.

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