WordPress 4.9.1 came with security fixes and improvements

We had already announced it in previous episodes of WordPress News in Spanish, WordPress 4.9.1 was just around the corner.

At first because it solved a problem with the cache of the templates, but it seems that it comes loaded with solutions of various bugs and various security patches, which not only affect version 4.9, it reaches version 1.5 onwards !!

So if you are below version 4.9.1 and have not updated, we recommend that you do so immediately.

This has been an automatic update and surely you have received the email from yore, warning you that your WordPress has been updated, but if you are one of those who has the updates disabled, you are already running to update your WordPress.

Today, in the program number 63, which you can follow live and direct at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, in this same article or delayed if you cannot see it at the moment, Antonio Postigo and Pedro Santos will tell you all about this new security update.

As always we will have our usual sections on security, plugins, updates, events and community news.

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