WordPress 4.8.3 Security update, get updated

Security Update, WordPress 4.8.3.

This is an automatic update, so if you do not have the updates disabled, you have probably received an email from your WordPress indicating that it has been updated to version 4.8.3.

This is an update that affects version 4.8.2 and earlier, that is, if you have versions lower than 4.8.2, the recommendation is that you update your WordPress to the latest stable and secure version, as well as plugins and templates so that you WordPress is safe and using the latest enhancements in functionality and security.

Actually, this vulnerability, based on the possibility of an injection in the database, does not affect WordPress directly, but it can affect plugins and templates, so the WordPress development and security team has decided to launch that update with a security patch to protect WordPress.

The most normal thing is that in the next few days, several plugin and template updates will come out to close this vulnerability by themselves.

If you are our client, you can update manually through our Softaculous system, which allows you to make a backup prior to the update and additionally our Patchman Security system, will notify you if your WordPress is vulnerable and will apply virtual patches, giving you time to update your installation, while keeping it protected.

That is why it is very important that you check if your WordPress and its components are updated to the latest version.

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