WordPress 4.8.2 Security Update

Tuesday, September 19, 00:30 Spanish time, WordPress launches an automatic security and maintenance update.

Version 4.8.2 that fixes up to 9 security issues and 6 maintenance fixes.

This is an update of the minor calls, so if you do not have the automatic updates disabled, it has been done by herself and she has sent you an email notifying you of it.

If for some reason your WordPress has not been updated, we recommend that you do it manually and urgently, directly in the administration of your WordPress, in one click and the matter is solved.

Keep in mind that right now these vulnerabilities are already known and surely the “bad guys” will already be launching their bots to detect outdated and vulnerable WordPress.

If you are our client, you can update with a previous backup from our Softaculous System and our Patchman system will notify you and if you do not take action it will protect you with automatic patches, which will be removed when you update your WorPress.

If you use old versions, we recommend that you update to the current version to avoid putting your WordPress at risk.

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Change course with HostFusion from Pedro Santos