WooCommerce problems? Today live, questions and solutions with Emilio Calvo

Are you having problems with WooCommerce? Are updates driving you crazy? Don’t you update out of fear that everything will break? What is the stable version and does it really work? What steps do I have to take to update WooCommerce with security and peace of mind? But what is happening with WooCommerce since version 3.0? Is it really worth working with WooCommerce and not with Prestashop?

These are just an example of questions that you are surely asking yourself lately with WooCommerce, since the acquisition by Automattic of WooCommerce it must be recognized that it has not been a bed of roses, also since version 3 came out the thing has been quite complicated, many bugs, many code corrections, versions that were published and withdrawn and millions of users with real headaches with their online stores, you just have to spend a while checking the WooCommerce support in the WordPress repository or by the FB groups dedicated to WooCommerce.

Therefore, today, February 21, at 19:00 Spanish time live and direct, in WordPress News in Spanish, we bring you a very special guest, Emilio calvo @Emilio_JCC the soul of @artprojectgroup Art Project Group and for me, one of the most relevant WooCommerce experts in the Spanish scene, creator of several plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce such as Custom Base Terms, Google video sitemap feed with multisite support, WC- APG / NIF / CIF / NIE / Field, WC- APG free Shipping among others, up to 11 totally free and highly recommended plugins, made in Mijas, Costa del Sol, Spain.

Emilio calvo

Emilio Calvo @Emilio_JCC @artprojectgroup Art Project Group

Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion will accompany Emilio Calvo in today’s program, with our usual questions and jokes so that Emilio can tell us WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH WOOCOMMERCE !!! That has the crazy community !!

And of course, you, you can ask Emilio your doubts, your frustrations with WooCommerce, everything except asking for money, Emilio comes to this program today to tell everything, to answer questions and give us his best advice and recommendations, one of those programs that YOU CANNOT MISS.

You can follow the program live and participate in this same article.

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