What is a web domain name

When we start with a web project for our business or brand, one of the most important decisions to make is without a doubt the choosing a web domain name.

It is a choice on which all the strategy and actions that you are going to carry out on the internet also depend, which is why it is so relevant.

It is possible that right now you find yourself in that situation in which you are starting with a web project but you are not sure what is a domain name, how to choose a domain name or how you can acquire it. Is it your case?

In this post we are going to help you with some tips that can be very useful to make your acquisition a success.

What is a web domain name?

First of all we are going to tell you what it is so that you are more clear about what you need and are going to acquire for your project.

A domain in itself is nothing more than the name you give to your project on the internet, mainly to your website (but also to emails).

The anatomy of an internet domain is made up of:

  • midominio.com> name
  • midominio.with > extension

Technically a domain is the assigning a name to the DNS of an IP node Under which all kinds of equipment, machines and systems connect to the network and have access to your website.

Therefore, a domain name is the specific and unique name for an entire website, such that any page contains it in its URL.

At the same time it helps us to have access to different types of content on the internet, such as a blog post like this one that you read, a landing page, a page for the sale of an ecommerce product or a corporate email.

These are some examples of its use:

  • https://midominio.com > URL of the home page of a website
  • https://midominio.com/post> URL of a blog post
  • https://landing-page.midominio.com > URL of a landing page via subdomain (we’ll talk later)
  • micorreo @midominio.com

What types of domains I can choose

web domain type

There are different ways to categorize them by extension type employee, this has not always been the case. Luckily, we currently have many possibilities that allow us to choose the name that best suits our project.

Thus, we can find the following.

1. Generic domains or gTLD

GTLDs are domains first level, the most widespread and the most used.

At first all the domains that were registered were generic, hence their expansion, partly because of all this they are also considered the most interesting.

They are the most recommended for the advantages they provide:

  • They are optimal to have a good positioning
  • Ideal to start a project due to its low cost, high expansion and utilization

Non-sponsored generics

Belonging to this category are .com, .net, .info y .org (among others) and are managed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

In the beginning, each of them was oriented and associated with a certain type of use.

For example, the .com with brands companies and organizations; the .net with sites that had a very strong relationship with the internet; the .info with those websites that offered informational services; the .org most focused on companies and organizations.

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However currently those uses they are not exclusive and other different uses for which they were created are much more accepted, even so.

Sponsored domains

They are those managed by institutions that act independently of ICANN, although the latter is in charge of creating and activating them.

They are created to cover very specific uses, as can be the case of the use of a certain language.

Example: .gal for an exclusive use to promote the Galician language and culture

Note that there are restricted generic domainsThey can only be used for certain activities and to acquire them we must meet a series of requirements. This category also includes .edu, .mil, .gov, .int.

2. Geographic, territorial or ccTLD top-level domains

The ccTLDs are all those oriented to indicate a geographical area and refer to countries.

Its extension is represented by only two characters and depending on the country they have or do not have certain conditions when they are used.

In the case of .es, previous limitations have disappeared and now any natural person or entity with interests or ties to Spain can request its use.

Its use is interesting for all those projects in which the location of a company, business, institution, organization etc. is relevant for the link and identification of any user with that country.

What are subdomains

A subdomain is the combination of a second extension appended to the left of any domain.

https: //extension.domainname.com

Subdomains are a very useful variation of the domains themselves for different situations.

Imagine that you want to create a landing page (landing page) to set up an external blog to your website in WordPress (perhaps at the SEO level it is not the best of ideas) in which to do an independent installation, with a different theme, plugins etc. .

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A subdomain allows you to do all of this without having to acquire a new web domain other than the one you already have in your project.

Some examples:

  • forum.minombrededominio.com
  • blog.minombrededominio.es
  • course.minombrededominio.net

As you can see, the possible combinations are unlimited.

Now, when creating a subdomain it is recommended that it be the as descriptive as possible and short.

How to choose a web domain name for my new project

How to choose a web domain name

Now that you know all the possible domains that you can choose, you have to make an appropriate choice.

Our recommendation is that first define your goal.

What do you want to achieve with your domain name?

Sometimes it can be as simple as having a brand and free domains to use that brand as a name.

However, it is not always possible, nor is it the best option for several of these reasons:

  • Your brand is hardly known yet
  • You want to prioritize positioning using keywords in the name
  • The domains you are interested in are not available

Depending on the objectives and strategy that you follow with your web project there are several types of domain name combinations that you can use, of course all of them focused on positioning your website or brand.

Brand name

If your brand is already known for itself and your goal is to position it even more may your best choice is this.

This is the case of big brands that we all know:

  • zara.with
  • apple.with
  • Coca-Cola.is
  • netflix.with

Name with keyword

When our brand is not known and we want to position ourselves for that keyword most important of our web project this is an interesting idea.

It is frequently used in e-commerce or professional websites that offer services:

  • we buy your car.with
  • sell car.is
  • we buy you suck.is

In addition, another recommended option is to combine them with the name of Mark:

  • cristinabeltranarquitectos.with
  • studio3architects.with
  • aquaarchitects.with

Name with geographic location

It is a very interesting option if our objective is boost Local SEO.

Local physical businesses that offer their services or products on a physical site are the ones that use this option the most.

You can choose a geographic location and the keyword:

  • dentalvalence clinic.with
  • dentistsdezaragoza.is

It can also be a combination of brand, location, and keyword:

  • zaratedentistaszaragozasur.with

Extensions to use

It is recommended to use a generic domain such as .com in most cases, but it can also be interesting to use a geographic domain if your web project is going to be oriented to users from a country.

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If your project is a bit more specific, consider using other types of extensions available.

Some more recommendations to choose your web domain

  1. Your domain must be as short as possible, makes it easier for you to remember and write it
  2. When combining several names (brand, keyword, location) put first whichever is your main objective
  3. Must be read correctly, try reading it out loud to see how it sounds
  4. Avoid if you can include hyphens, special characters, numbers and accents
  5. Register multiple domains with different extensions, that way you make sure that your competition can do with it or use them to gain more visibility and positioning

How to buy the web domain

Once you have decided it is time to buy it, you will see that it is a very simple process and not complicated at all.

First of all you should check that it is free.

To do this, go here, enter your selection and click on “search”.

Find a web domain name

On the next page you will be told if it is available. Otherwise you will see a list of suggested related domains.

Find web domain name

If any of these suggested domains convince you, you can click on “Add to Cart” and you can proceed to buy the domain.

On the next screen you have data such as the DNS of the domain that you can customize so that they point to our servers or to the ones you decide.

Web domain configuration

Finally, you only have to check everything and pay if you agree.

Register web domain name

Once purchased and associated with your web project, keep in mind that it may take a few hours for DNS propagation to be effective and therefore your website is fully operational.

With Host-Fusion your domain is free and it is included with the hiring of your hosting

One of the great advantages of hiring your hosting plan with us is that you have a free domain that you can use in any of your web projects, emails and subdomains (unlimited and free)


We hope that with this post we have been able to help you solve your doubts when it comes to acquire a web domain, but above all, contributed to the success of your digital project on the Internet, even so of course you have us available to answer any further questions in this regard.

Now it’s your turn, tell us what extension and type of name have you chosen for your project and why?