What are the sizes of social media images in 2021?

Nowadays, having a whole strategy of publication and presence in social networks is essential to disseminate the contents of our website.

In that strategy it is key to adapt the size of images in social networks for those images to display correctly.

From the photo of our last publication that we share with a link as a preview to the header of our YouTube channel or the profile image of our Facebook, each of the social networks has measures to which we must adapt our images for optimize the way they are displayed.

This complicates things quite a bit at times, being necessary to design images fully adapted to the channel and device in which they will be displayed.

In this post we are going to see the measurements at which the images are shown in the four most important social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Y YouTube.

Twitter image size

Twitter is undoubtedly the social network in which the content we share has a more ephemeral visibility, despite the latest algorithm changes as well as the way to display the «timeline».

Thus, on Twitter, the images, together with the links, are the star content of your tweets.

Twitter header size

Size is 1500x500px. Keep in mind that once it is uploaded, if it does not correspond to these measurements, you can also adjust it.

Twitter post image size

The maximum twitter image size at which an image is displayed is 1200x600px. and in a aspect ratio 2: 1 in any case.

Twitter card

The twitter cards are the images that are shown as link preview They do it in two aspect ratios, 1: 1 and 19: 1, their maximum size in pixels being 800x800px. Y 800x418px.

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Size of images on Facebook

Facebook with more than 2.45 billion monthly active users in 2019 it continues to be the most important social network today.

There are many formats and sizes of images that are shown for both personal profiles and brand pages, let’s see the most important ones below.

Facebook profile photo measurements

This Facebook profile photo must be from 180x180px actually showing a maximum size of 170x170px and with a circular format, take this detail into account for the design of your image.

Facebook header measures

A good Facebook header helps you do branding as well as support when communicating any product or service.

Facebook header measures are 851x315px. on the personal profile and 820x312px on the pages.

In addition, it is also possible to upload and share videos in the header of your Facebook page. The measurements are the same and the duration between 20 and 90 seconds playing in loop mode.

Link Image Measurements

The link image is the one shown when we share a link, usually the featured image of a post or a web page.

Its size is 500x261px.

Single Image Measurements on Facebook

An image that we share is always displayed in all cases to a 500px width., not being able to be superior. The stop on the other hand can vary up to a maximum of 750px.

Facebook event image size

The events have a own header image whose size is 500x262px.

Facebook image size

Size of images on Instagram

Instagram is maybe the most particular social network in terms of image sizes And not only because it is fully oriented to share our photos.

It is also because from its origin its visualization and use is on small screens of mobile devices and therefore also the vertical, or square format, is here the most relevant as you are going to read below.

Instagram profile picture size

Its size is 160x160px. and you must take into account when designing it that it is shown cropped in circular format.

Horizontal image size on Instagram

Its measures are 1080x566px. with a 1.91: 1 aspect ratio.

This horizontal format it is not the most recommended to be used taking into account that the Instagram feed is always displayed vertically, mainly on smartphone screens.

Portrait image size on Instagram

This is the format next to the most interesting square to share your photos on Instagram because they are shown occupying and taking advantage of more screen size of the device.

Its measures are 1080x1350px. with an aspect ratio 4:5.

Square image measurements on Instagram

In the origin of this social network all the images had this aspect ratio 1: 1Hence its widespread use, however nowadays it has been giving importance to other aspect ratios and more vertical formats.

Its maximum size is 1080x10180px. It is also the maximum height to which we can upload any image to Instagram.

Size of stories on Instagram

This is the star format and what more headaches it can give you because of how different the images or videos are from the stories to others in any social network.

The size of IGTV stories or videos is 1080x1920px. with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Instagram image size

YouTube image size

YouTube is still the second most used search engine In the world only behind Google (its owner), creating a channel on YouTube and positioning content is very relevant.

As for images, there are not a lot of formats and yes an adaptation of them to different screen sizes.

YouTube channel header size

It is the format that can give you the most headaches since what it shows will depend on it depending on the size of the screen on which it is displayed.

The rest of the sizes that you should take into account are:

  • 2560 × 1440 and TV
  • 2560x423px in Laptops and Desktops
  • 1855x423px Tablets

YouTube Profile Image Measurements

The size of this photo is 800x800px. and you must take into account when designing it that it is shown in circular format just as it happens in other social networks.

Thumbnail image size of a YouTube video

The video thumbnails are key to capture more views.

Its aspect ratio is 16: 9 and 1280x720px.

Image sizes on youtube

Create images for each social network almost automatically

Once we have reviewed the main social networks and their different sizes, you will have realized the huge amount of adaptations what needs to be done.

This is something we can do with any graphic design tool, but what if we can do it almost automatically, quickly and without much knowledge? If it’s posible.

As easy as uploading the image, choosing our social networks, choosing the formats we want to adapt it to, making some adjustments and downloading.

I will tell you more in this video tutorial to continuation

Conclusions: it is necessary and important that you adapt the size of your images to social networks

As you have been able to read throughout this post, there are many formats and measures to take into account when correctly displaying any image on social networks.

That the image of that post that you have produced for hours is displayed correctly and not cut (for example) is a detail that you must take into account since it can throw all that work that has taken you to the ground.

I hope this post has been interesting to you with a review of the sizes of images of social networks. Tell me in the comments if you also adapt your images for social networks.


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