We put Gutenberg to the test, the new WordPress editor

As we had commented in previous programs of WordPress News in Spanish, we have got down to work and we have gotten our hands on the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, to do our first tests and for this we have recorded a video that you can see at continuation.

In the video you can see the current possibilities that Gutenberg has, which will be released in the WordPress 5.0 version.

Today in WordPress News in Spanish, program 57, Antonio Postigo and a Pedro Santos server, we will talk about it and enter into a debate to tell you our experience.

I assure you that the first impact is shocking, it has nothing to do with the current WordPress editor, simply the graphical interface and the working concepts, change drastically, but as soon as we start to fiddle with the tools that Gutenberg puts to use. our disposition, we are getting the hang of the matter.

Gutenberg is designed so that everything is more organized, everything works with blocks independent of each other, which we can modify and move at will, without the rest of the content being affected.

We anticipate a tough transition, but I sincerely believe that in the end, everyone will appreciate working with Gutenberg in an organized way, although at the beginning, it takes much longer for the adaptation to write or build a post than it does now.

Anyway, Gutenberg, among some of its tools, includes the current WordPress editor, so you can continue using it, but my advice is that you get used to the new one, because it is the future of WordPress and it will be what we will all work with. .

You can follow the program live, in this same article.

As always, we will have our usual sections, security, updates and news from the community.

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