Upgrade to WordPress 5.0 step by step #Video

WordPress 5.0 is here, with Gutenberg and you have surely read on many sites that you do not update at the moment, which is fine, but what do you have to do when you have decided to update?

In our previous post, WordPress 5.0 When is the best time to upgrade? We give you the best tips to update your WordPress without risks and in this post we show you in a live video how you should do it so that everything goes well.

Following this step-by-step video tutorial, you will be able to update to WordPress 5.0 successfully, I recommend that you follow all the recommendations that we mentioned in our previous post.

  • Install the classic editor as a plugin, to be the default editor ahead of Gutenberg.
  • Make sure your plugins and themes are compatible and up to date.
  • Before updating, make a backup or two.
  • If your hosting provider provides automatic updates, disable them for now.
  • Do test environments, clones, staging, to know for sure that nothing will break.
  • Get up-to-date by visiting blogs, forums, WordPress repository, and others to see the experience of other users.
  • If your website has been developed for you by another person, company, agency or they carry out maintenance for you, contact them and make sure they have the subject under control.
  • The order of updating, first themes, plugins and lastly WordPress.

I hope this is helpful and that your update to WordPress 5.0 is successful and smooth.