The new version of Chrome 66 will mark as insecure the webs without SSL, Solution step by step.

Google Search Console has already started to notify owners of sites without SSL that their site will be marked as insecure if they do not run under SSL protocol.

As of October 2017, if your website does not have an SSL security certificate or even if it does not run under the https: // protocol, you will receive a notice in the browser bar, marking it in red as an unsecured website .

This was already reported by Google since 2015 and in 2016 and 2017 the websites that do not run under https: // include an information icon that when clicked informs that it is not a secure site, but this is going to become red-hot at as of October, marking it as an unsafe website in view of anyone who visits our website.

There is no excuse or more delay to move your website http: // to https: // especially if your website is e-commerce since the visitor to see the warning message, 100% sure will leave your page and 100% that It will not return to it, so you will lose visits, sales and trust.

You will also lose web positioning, since the Google search engine rewards websites that run under https: // to the detriment of those that do not.

They are all disadvantages as you can see and it is time to put a solution and make your website a safe site marked in green in the browser, an example is on this website, if you look at the address bar, padlock on verde and the phrase It is safe, followed by the url with https: //.

How do we solve it?

The solution is simple and fast, the first thing we have to do is install an SSL security certificate and then we must adjust our website so that it runs entirely through SSL https: // and we must also notify Google that our website runs through https: / / and not lose search engine positioning due to this change.

To help you in this task, we have created a series of articles that will guide you step by step to change from http: // to https: // so that your website runs safe, for you and for your visitors, users and clients and how to do it to notify Google and not lose positioning.

1st Step, install an SSL Certificate

At Host-Fusion.Com we have solved this very easily, for all our clients, our system installs the SSL Certificate automatically without the user having to do anything and also renews it automatically, without the user having to worry about it.

All our WordPress Hosting plans include a free SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

So if you are our client, this step has been solved as standard, if you are not our client, we invite you to switch from your current hosting provider to us and enjoy all the advantages of our hosting and your SSL Security Certificate, without having to lift a finger to get it.

How to go from http: // to https: // in WordPress

2nd Step, pass our WordPress from http: // to https: /

To do this, follow this tutorial How to go from http: // to https: // in WordPress This article describes how to go to https: // in a matter of seconds thanks to the plugin Really Simple SSL, we install the plugin (free) we run the scanner and it will automatically convert all our urls http: // to https: //

How to go to https: // without losing positioning, adjusting Google Search Console and Google Analytics

3rd Step, go from http: // to https: // without losing positioning

This is an important step, because if your website runs through http: // all the links that Google has indexed on your website are through this protocol and if we change to https: // and we have not notified Google, it can take as duplicate content and make us lose positioning, but for this, we also write an article How to go to https: // without losing positioning, adjusting Google Search Console and Google Analytics, In this article we show you step by step how to inform Google through Google Search Console so that it begins to index your website by https: // and that you do not lose positioning.

Likewise, we show you the adjustments that you must make in your Google Analytics account so that your statistics and metrics understand that the traffic and data that they must take are already with your website running through https: //

We also leave you one of our webinars on SSL and PHP7

And if you want to go even further, we leave you our WPO Guide, How to optimize your WordPress to the maximum #WPO The Guide We guide you step by step to get the best performance from your WordPress, full speed on our servers#SpeedFusion.

Optimize WordPress #WPO step by step guide

I hope that with our tutorials you will give a quick solution to the security issue of your website and that you enjoy doing it.

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