The Lock-in effect, what is it, how it affects WordPress

In the last WordPress News in Spanish program, we addressed the topic of the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg and during the program, our regular viewers spoke about the Lock-In effect in WordPress.

But what is the Lock-In effect?

The Lock-in effect occurs just when we use a series of tools, plugins and themes, shortcodes that somehow force us to continue using those tools if we do not want all the work done, in most cases to be lost, it is like signing a contract almost for life.

But it would go even further, the Lock-In effect can also occur when we do custom work, in a way, for updates and modifications, we depend on the original developer, it also depends on the praxis used by the developer.

What plugins and themes can cause us the Lock-In effect

Practically all those multipurpose themes that have built-in builders, shortcodes, forms and also plugins such as builders, forms and shortcodes

What are the consequences if I uninstall a theme or plugins with Lock-In effect?

In the vast majority of cases we lose all the content and leave us “dirty” code such as shortcodes, it must also be said that in most cases, when we reinstall or activate them, everything returns to “normal”

Pero no quiero deshacerme de mi plugin o tema con efecto Lock-In

What measures should I take to avoid suffering more than necessary if I finally change the theme or plugin?

Our recommendation is not to use builders, shortcodes, forms in post, especially if you have many posts, the cleaning job would be very hard, not impossible.

Use it in the pages, in short, they will always be less than the posts and with patience we can fix it.

And Gutenberg, will it have a Lock-In effect?

After our tests and at first no, Gutenberg is not exactly a builder, if you uninstall it, it will not leave you traces of code, except if you have used a shortcode, so we could say no, but it depends on the tools that you have used.

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