The Best WordPress Plugins in 2021

to be able to use plugins para WordPress It is one of the key aspects of this cms as it expands the possibilities and functionalities with any web project.

Although they did not always exist (they have been present since version 1.6 of WordPress) today it is estimated that they are more than 30,000 those that exist and are considered almost essential.

Of course, among such a number of plugins there is a huge variety that can meet different needs by providing certain functionalities, but it is also true that sometimes it is easy not to be able to identify precisely that plugin that you need for your website.

We want to provide some answers to these types of situations with this post, providing a list of plugins that we consider the best for each type of functionality.

And of course, they are still considerations and recommendations that we make to you, which do not necessarily have to be the best options for certain web projects.

You decide if it is what you need!

Best WordPress security plugins

The fact that WordPress is such a widely used CMS also makes it the target of more and more attacks by hackers.

Access attempts, virus infection, file modification, all these are vulnerabilities that any website can suffer.

At Host-Fusion we have real time protection directly on server with applications Imunify360 y Proactive Defense In this way, the emails and websites of our clients are more secure in our own hosting.

Even so, it is not a bad thing to have an extra protection also on our own website through a specific security plugin.

On this occasion we are going to recommend only two that we consider the most complete but we recommend that you also take a look at this post in which we also offer you more options to protect your website.



Wordfence is one of the more comprehensive security plugins, veterans and installed on more websites.

With this plugin you have access to a whole series of functionalities that allow you to dispense with the need for more specific ones for certain security tasks.

It is an all-in-one tool in which it stands out:

  • Firewall (WAF) that identifies all types of malicious traffic and blocks it
  • Scanner files containing malware and code injections

In addition, for users with little technical knowledge, it offers a series of recommendations to follow such as updates or choosing strong passwords.

ADVANTAGES: Its great versatility and ease of use

DISADVANTAGES: If you need the paid version, its price is excessive

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

This security plugin is another veteran and offers you up to 30 ways to protect your website.

Unlike Wordfence, it does not offer Firewall but protection and a very complete scanner of malicious files for your website.

ADVANTAGES: Fluidity, low consumption of resources and price contained in its paid version

* DISADVANTAGES: Perhaps not very intuitive and too technical for less advanced users

Best WordPress plugins to design your website

Until not long ago, the design of a website was carried out in two ways; or buying a theme that incorporates a certain design that to some extent could be personalized; O well making your whole web to code fully personalized.

Of course this has changed, today the visual builders and Gutenberg himself allow you to completely customize a website without having to touch the code.



Elementor has become in a very short time the great tool that has made it easy to customize and make web design accessible to anyone no need to touch any code.

This plugin already has in its free version it offers many functionalities (up to 40 widgets) but it is in its paid version that we have practically no need to resort even to other plugins for certain functionalities such as the creation of forms.

On the other hand, the fact that it is such a widespread plugin with such a large community allows there to be a multitude of plugins that act as extensions of it, thus increasing the possibilities of everything we can develop.

ADVANTAGES: Integration with all kinds of plugins and tools, ease of use and a lot of information available

* DISADVANTAGES: It can generate excessive dependency

Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg blocks

Gutenberg is the bet of WordPress to facilitate that through blocks any user can design a page or post.

This is an excellent implementation with a lot of future ahead of it, but for now it may fall short if we decide not to use any visual builder.

This is precisely what Gutenberg Blocks helps us with, providing a series of very advanced blocks that greatly extend the functionalities of Gutenberg.

But also the thing is not there, it also integrates predesigned templates with blocks to facilitate the design work even more.

This plugin is from the same company as Theme Astra.

* ADVANTAGES: If you want to design with Gutenberg these extra blocks are the best option, and also the plugin is free

* DISADVANTAGES: Not yet at the level of what a visual builder like Divi or Elementor offers

Best WordPress plugins for caching and loading speed optimization

The WPO optimization It is key for your website, loading times have a decisive influence on positioning and ultimately if you sell products also on your sales.

This optimization is often an arduous and complex process that requires certain technical knowledge for which not all users are prepared.

For this we have a WPO optimization guide in which we help you step by step to improve the WPO of your website.

LiteSpeed Cache

litespeed Cache

LiteSpeed ​​Cache is probably the best and most complete WPO plugin that you can install for your website, however it is not for everyone, it has a particularity, it requires that LiteSpeed ​​technology be on your hosting server itself.

Luckily all our clients have this technology on our servers.

This technology allows you to have certain exclusive features of this plugin and that you will not find in other plugins.

These are some:

  • Automatic page cache
  • Private cache for logged in users
  • Separate cache for desktop and mobile views
  • Full compatibility with WooComerce and BBpres

And of course it also has other non-exclusive but also very interesting options:

  • Image optimizer (without quality loss – with loss)
  • Support for WebP images
  • Multiple CDN Compatible
  • Lazy load of images / iframes (Lazy Load)
  • Database Cleaner and Optimizer
  • Prefetch DNS
  • Multi-site support
  • PageSpeed ​​score optimization

* ADVANTAGES: Speed ​​and everything you need in a single free plugin

* DISADVANTAGES: This plugin only works if you have contracted a hosting like ours that offers this technology on the server

WP Rocket

wp rocket

WP Rocket is one of the most valued plugins by SEO professionals and developers.

The results obtained with this plugin support it and the best of all is that just by activating it they are already perceptible, without the need for complex configurations.

The following functionalities are the ones that seem most interesting to us:

  • Lazy load content
  • CDN compatibility and configuration
  • Excluding files to cache
  • Specific cache for mobile devices
  • Exclusion of private pages (useful for example in processes shopping)
  • Database cleanup
  • Preload

Here we tell you more about this great plugin.

** ADVANTAGES: One click and that’s it, it’s very easy to use

* DISADVANTAGES: Only available with annual license

Swift Performance Lite

swift performance

This plugin is not as well known as the previous ones and it is relatively new but for what it offers it is a very interesting option as well.

In Swift Performance Lite you have practically everything you need to improve the loading speed of your websiteEven with its free version you can have more than enough.

It is a very powerful plugin, with many configurations, so be careful when using it.

The most interesting functions it offers are the following:

  • CDN compatibility
  • Database cleanup
  • Preload
  • Analytics code insert
  • Lazy Load
  • Manage the loading of plugins on the web
  • Image optimization

** ADVANTAGES: A very complete plugin with many functionalities and with which you can obtain very good results

** DISADVANTAGES: It can be complex to configure correctly

Best WordPress plugins to improve SEO

If you want to position your website to receive traffic organically (without investing in advertising) you need do SEO.

About positioning we have written on our blog some posts that may be interesting for you:

To carry out any SEO strategy on your website, it will be great to use one of the following plugins.

Rank Math

rank math seo

Rank Math is the latest plugin that has dared to stand up to the undisputed leading plugin for SEO (Yoast) and it seems that it is managing to gain a foothold.

The reason for its success has been offer more features in its free version than the competition, some available only in premium versions of other plugins.

We especially like some features in its free version such as:

  • Integration with Search Console and Analytics
  • Schema configuration
  • 404 error monitor
  • Keywords positioned
  • Redirects
  • Preview viewing on social media

In its premium version the features it has are many but we especially like:

  • Keyword rank tracker
  • 840 Available Schema content types
  • Inserting watermarks to images

In this guide we tell you more about how you can configure Rank Math from scratch.

ADVANTAGES: Very complete plugin with many functionalities even in its free version

DISADVANTAGES: You may have gotten used to Yoast and it won’t make up for the change

Yoast SEO

yoast seo

Until not too long ago Yoast SEO was hands down the best SEO plugin out there.

Despite this, lately they have incorporated many new features to catch up with what their competition offers and thus retain users of the more than 5 million registered installations.

At Yoast SEO there are some features that we like a lot:

  • Advanced XML Sitemaps
  • Bloques Schema
  • Structured data implementation

With the premium version we have options such as:

  • 404 error monitor
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Social previews
  • Automatic redirection creation

* ADVANTAGES: Veteran plugin with a lot of information to be configured correctly, ideal for non-advanced users

* DISADVANTAGES: Requires the paid version to have many features that Rank Math offers for free

Best WordPress plugins when managing an online store



If you are considering setting up an online store in WordPress Woocomerce is the best choice.

Not only because of what the plugin itself offers but also because of the number of plugins that expand its functionalities allowing you to fully customize your online store.

Therefore, due to its effectiveness and potential, it is a safe bet that has nothing to envy other platforms such as Magento, Shopify and Prestashop for most projects.

** ADVANTAGES: It is intuitive, free and scalable

** DISADVANTAGES: For certain projects it may not be the best option

Best WordPress translation plugins

If on our website we address users who speak different languages, we will need to translate our website completely.

So that this task does not become a headache, we must trust plugins that really make things easier for usNow, in WordPress we have never had many plugins that comply with this premise by translating.

Here we share the two most interesting options.



Polylang is a veteran plugin that has earned a good reputation and number of users thanks to everything it offers.

With this plugin you can add all the languages ​​you need, it has compatibility with custom inputs and includes a language selector among other functionalities.

For a simple website, its free version is more than enough.

ADVANTAGES: Plugin with its free version more than enough

DISADVANTAGES: Paid version not as complete as its competition



WPML has been the best multilanguage plugin and today it is still one of the best and most reliable options to fully translate your website.

* ADVANTAGES: Very reliable plugin that has everything you need to easily translate our website

* DISADVANTAGES: Requires premium license

Best WordPress plugins to make backup copies

At any time our website is exposed to any problem for which we can lose its content or that something stops working correctly.

Whether due to an installation, the incompatibility of a plugin, a security problem … We need to take this into account!

To avoid this, a resource that allows us to solve this unforeseen event is the making backup copies or Back Ups.

With any of our hosting plans you have JetBackUp in Cpanel, a powerful backup management and restoration tool available directly on the server.

With a few clicks it is possible to make backup copies on demand, by dates, complete, of only a few files, databases or emails. You can also restore everything or just what you want.

Here we tell you more about how JetBackUp works.

Even so, if you prefer to have a plugin to manage your backups from your WordPress dashboard, here is our recommendation.

All-in-One WP Migration

all in one wp migration

This is a very complete plugin that makes you full backups of your website, perfect not only to completely repair and restore a website but also to make complete migrations of your website.

To perform a migration you will only need to install the plugin on both websites (where you export and where you import-migrate)

** ADVANTAGES: Simple to use plugin

** DISADVANTAGES: With backup copies in the hosting you probably don’t need it


So far our list of the plugins that we consider most interesting to use due to the main themes or functionalities.

A list in which of course we cannot mention so many other plugins that we also find great is interesting to use.

We hope that you will try them if you do not know them and, above all, that these plugins for WordPress that we have recommended will be useful to you.