The art of Networking

What is Networking?

Networking, the ability to build a network of professional contacts to make ourselves known, our projects, our businesses, our brand, discover and learn from other professionals, a tool to contact collaborators and investors.

But we could also say that networking is an art, a philosophy and we must know how to project the best of ourselves and of our companies and projects.

Therefore, today, in WordPress News in Spanish, we bring you a very special guest, someone who has been able to make Networking an art.

The guest

Antonio Domingo describes himself as a Networking Mentor for independent professionals, but I, who have known Antonio for years, would say that he is a mass congregator, faithful to the Roberto Carlos song, I want to have a million friends, a gourmet by conviction and of course writer.

If you drop it on a stage, it bundles it, it is capable of lifting everyone off its site and literally connecting them together, doing live networking, as he says, they are all interconnected.

His most recent work, Networking, the art of generating business, relationships and opportunities.

The art of Networking


Today, Wednesday, May 30, 2018, live and direct, in this same post, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, we will have Antonio Domingo to tell us all the secrets of the Art of Networking.

Essential for you, for your business, for your products, for your experience and you will be able to ask all the questions you want live, because your participation is the most important thing in this program.

About the program

WordPress News in Spanish is broadcast every Wednesday, at 7:00 p.m. live, with Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion

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