The 6 best security plugins for WordPress + Imunify360

WordPress is the most used on the internet

WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the internet for creating web pages and for this reason it is the most attacked by hackers, it is the same effect that occurs with Windows operating systems, they are the most used and therefore more malware is created for them than for other systems.

No one is spared from attacks

But nobody is free from attacks, many times people who have seen their websites affected by a virus have asked me what is the reason, if they have little traffic, their website is just a corporate page that does not store data or manage ecommerce transactions .

That does not matter, hackers launch their robots to crawl the web in search of vulnerable webs, if your web is vulnerable, you are a victim, your web will be infected, it will infect whoever visits it and may even be part of an army (botnet) of websites that can be used to attack larger targets, such as a denial of service (DDoS) attack that will saturate a server while the hacker accesses it to obtain their loot.

The best security plugin is common sense

Indeed, common sense is the best security plugin, I have WordPress without any plugin or security modification and they have not had a single security problem for years.

The secret? Always keep it updated, use a unique and secure password, always use official components and stay on our servers that have different security systems such as Imunify360 y Proactive Defense that protect the hosting, websites and emails of our clients in real time.

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But apart from having our own security systems, it is also advisable to provide additional measures that help if possible to provide greater security to our web and protect us from the “bad boys”.

The 6 best security plugins for WordPress

There is an increasing variety in the official WordPress repository and also solutions external to the repository or even mixed solutions as we will see throughout the post.

1- NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) – Advanced Security

NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) – Advanced Security

For my taste the best security plugin by far since it has a very well worked firewall that blocks many types of attacks and vectors even when they are Zero Day.

Unlike other plugins with a firewall, it was the first to implement the firewall ahead of WordPress, that is, before the content could be accessed, the firewall already filters the input of the visit without affecting performance or speed On the web, in fact it can be said that it is the lightest security plugin and that I have never seen that it affects the consumption of resources as other security plugins can do, it is to install and be protected.

It comes configured as standard with all kinds of tools and is complemented and integrated with its Ninja Scaner, virus and malware plugin that you can install separately and it is automatically integrated into the firewall plugin.

It has a PRO paid version that is worth it since it allows you to manage several of its tools in an advanced way, but the free version is more than powerful and enough to protect your WordPress, the only thing that by not being able to manage certain tools you will not be able to configure them exclusively for your installation so you will have to settle for its standard configuration, that is why it is interesting to have the pro version.

Another point in favor is that it is complemented with WordFence (deactivating its firewall) and Sucury Security to do the hardening of WordPress, the three as I have shown many times in my lectures, complement each other perfectly.

2- Wordfence


The most popular plugin used by users, active in more than 3 million installations is your business card.

It is a very complete plugin, it has a firewall now, following the steps of NinjaFirewall and putting it ahead of WordPress (at the beginning I put it behind) and it was not so effective.

Make a scanner (mega heavy I would say) of your installation and compare both your WordPress and its plugins and themes (if they are in the repository) to see if everything is in order, if you have infected files it will allow you to see the malicious code, compare the file with the original and rescue the original file to overwrite the infected file.

One of the tools that I like the most about Wordfence is that it alerts you if any of the links you have published links to an infected website, which is interesting because Google can penalize you for linking to an infected website and without Wordfence’s warning, honestly you would not know.

The pro version is recommended, since there are several tools such as the country blocker they deserve it, also the firewall security rules if it is the PRO version are updated at the moment, which if you use the free version they are updated every week and you are unprotected , this does not happen with NinjaFirewall, whether you pay or not, the rules are updated in real time for all users.

3 – iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

iThemes Security, formerly Better WP Security, is another of the classics that takes more time and has more than 900K users, so it is a plugin with provenance and of proven quality.

Its security status scanner in which it indicates which are the weak points of your WordPress and how to protect them is one of the tools most appreciated by users.

More than 30 ways to protect your site from attacks is one of its slogans and it has countless tools for this function, double authentication factor, updating salts, password security, password expiration, Google reCAPTCHA make this plugin a faithful ally.

To put some against, we can say that sometimes it is very sensitive and can give false positives that can ban you if it detects any strange operation for the plugin.

4 – Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

Another of the classics, audits, monitors, performs a security scanner and what I like most about this plugin is the hardening that it performs in WordPress to strengthen the weakest points that we can do by hand by placing some .htaccess and lines of code in strategic directories and files such as wp-config.php but that this plugin provides you with just one click and in a minute.

As I mentioned before, it perfectly complements NinjaFirewall and Wordfence.

5 – Cerber Security, Anti-spam & Malware Scan

Cerber Security, Anti-spam & Malware Scan

It may be the least known of those shown today, but it is currently gaining followers and is already used by more than 100K users and that must be for something.

Like any of the other plugins, it has protection tools that we can classify as basic, such as limiting login attempts, limiting access by ip, creating your own url for login, etc., but it seems that where it stands out is its security scanner and its strong antispam system that is perfectly coupled with WooCommerce and WordPress itself.

It also performs hardening on WordPress and has, according to its file, sophisticated security rules to protect our facilities.

6 – Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Not because it is the last on the list is it the least important, this plugin has everything the others have but it is the only one that cleans your WordPress of malware from both files and SQL injections in the database.

And this point is very important, because many times the malicious code is found in the files and can be detected by software, but more complex is when the malware is injected into the database and for that this plugin is essential.

One of the things that this plugin asks of you is that you register on its website to update the malware databases that the plugin feeds on, this is what I referred to at the beginning with mixed solutions, if you want to be updated against the latest vectors malware, you will need to be registered on its website, it is free and does not share the information or your data with anyone.

The best thing about this plugin is that you don’t need to have knowledge to disinfect your WordPress yourself, install, scan and clean.

And you? What plugins or techniques do you use to protect your WordPress.

Leave us your comments, if you are more of a plugin or code or both, if you use other security plugins and why, we are delighted that you share your experiences with us.

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