The 1st beta of WordPress 4.9 is here and we will tell you all the news

And we arrived at the program number 50 of WordPress News in Spanish, coinciding with the first beta of WordPress 4.9.

Version that is expected to be released on November 14 as a final and prelude to the much talked about and long-awaited WordPress 5.0 that will totally revolutionize WordPress.

But let’s go to what version 4.9 will bring us, in which we are working especially on the Customizer called Customizer in English, we are also working on the Gallery widget that we already discussed in previous programs and following the line of media widgets and image introduced in version 4.8.

News such as support for shortcodes and multimedia in text widgets, support for videos other than Youtube or Vimeo, thus expanding the range of providers, news in plugins such as options to activate and deactivate plugins.

And for developers, they should take into account the changes that are going to take place, both in the REST API, in Multisite or the elimination of SWFupload that we have also discussed in our programs and compatibility with php 7.2.

This beta is not recommended for use on production sites, but if you want to test it and participate by reporting your opinion, bugs, improvements etc, you can install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin and start testing and testing this new version.

We will continue with our usual sections, security, plugin update and community news.

You can follow the program live in this same post, today Thursday, October 5 at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time.

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