SEO Trends 2021 Key aspects to keep in mind

SEO trends 2021: key aspects to keep in mind

Your website cannot wait any longer, if you are not working on its positioning yet it is a good time to optimize it taking into account the SEO trends for 2021.

Whether you have a website either in WordPress or any other CMS, a key aspect to achieve any of the objectives that you have set for yourself with your strategy is to achieve a good positioning.

For this, SEO (search engine optimization) is key, which is the application of a series of techniques and tasks aimed at improving organic positioning in search engines without investing in advertising.

That last one is the main difference between SEO and SEM.

Of course, forget that SEO has no cost, a good SEO strategy requires time, dedication and even using tools that may be paid. It’s up to you to count what the cost of all this strategy is.

However, it is not necessary to make a large investment to have a basic and totally necessary strategy that provides us with results.

Focusing on that kind of SEO strategy We are going to tell you which ones we consider the SEO trends for 2021 that you should apply in any case.

Let’s see what they are below.

Define the main keywords for your entire website

An initial aspect when we start with a web project is to choose a domain, hire a hosting, install our website and start selling or offering our products or services.

All these are natural and necessary steps but in the meantime we must have drawn up a strategy, define what objectives we pursue and based on them analyze by what terms we want our website to be found.

If we do not define the terms by which we want users to find our website, we run the risk of not having visibility in search engines and therefore not receiving visits from organic traffic.

To define these terms we must carry out what is called a Keyword Research.

A Keyword Research is basically nothing more than analyzing and determining a list of main keywords for which you are interested in positioning your website.

Of course, these keywords must be the most important for your web project and will be the main axis of your entire SEO strategy.

In other words, the aim is to position the most important pages of your website by those keywords:

  • Homepage
  • Services page
  • Online store
  • Landing

As you can see, it is a basic aspect, but nevertheless it is one of the first and most serious mistakes made by not taking it into account.

And these are some of the tools that you can use to carry out your Keyword Research:

Google Ads (keyword planner tool)

It is a free tool that you can use at any time and that being from Google offers the largest number of results and combinations of keywords possible for the Google search engine.

Google Search Console

Another of the tools that Google makes available to us and that will be useful to measure and analyze behavior on your website.

We will recommend it to you more times throughout this post.

Other paid tools with limited or trial versions

Semrush, Arehfs, Kwfinder and Ubbersuggest are other tools that can be very useful for this task.

Use and connect your website with Google Search Console

We already told you before, Google Search Console has become Google’s great tool to better understand the performance of our website and also a great ally for improve positioning thanks to all that information we get.

Having your website connected to Google Search Console is essential due to the following functionalities that this tool has and that will be very useful to you.

You would be surprised at the number of websites that do not have their website connected to Google Search Console today. Take advantage of them!

Submit a complete sitemap of your website

Isn’t it true that if you go on a trip to a city that you don’t know, you need to take a look at a map to find out how to get to the places that interest you and not go around wasting your time?

With a sitemap we do something similar.

We send you a map our website to Google with what it contains and that we are interested in analyzing and indexing.

Submit a complete sitemap of your website

Coverage ratio

Through this functionality we know at all times what pages have been sent and of these we are told how many may contain errors or are valid (pages that have been indexed)

Coverage ratio

By clicking on “open report” we have more detailed information on all known or submitted pages.

Thanks to this coverage index we can know the possible errors on our website for certain URLs.

Coverage report


With the performance field we obtain valuable information about very important metrics such as:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR
  • Average position in the search engine

This is one of the most useful features of Google Search Console due to the amount of information it provides.

It allows us to have a very clear idea of ​​what the performance of our website in the Google search engine.

Links (edit)

With the link section you can get information about all the websites that contain links to yoursIt also provides us with the text with which they are linking us.

It is very useful to know to which pages we are being linked and in this way to know if we are receiving links to those pages that we are most interested in positioning.

But also not only external links are shown but also internal ones.

It is very useful to review and carry out an internal linking strategy with which to distribute the «link juice» throughout our website according to our SEO strategy.

Links (edit)

SEO On Page

The SEO On Page It is another of the key aspects to take into account and it applies to all those factors and tasks that originate and produce within your own website.

The main key points that you should optimize on your website are the following.


When we speak of retention we refer to time that a user who accesses your website remains on it without leaving.

Retention has a direct influence on the bounce rate

In algorithms that are increasingly oriented to better understand the user’s search intention Google increasingly takes bounce rate into account to better position a website according to that search intention.

Put yourself on the assumption that you are looking for cheap and comfortable shoes and when you go through a shop window you see a great and irresistible offer. You go to the store but those shoes turn out to be neither cheap nor comfortable in your view. So you immediately leave the store.

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Something like this happens with the Google search engine, it will interpret whether a user has found exactly what they were looking for or not depending on the time spent on your website.

Some ways to reduce that bounce rate and retention are:

  • Include multimedia content such as videos
  • Include graphics and images
  • Long texts but at the same time very legible and easy to read for the Username

Optimize your content towards semantic search and other keywords

We have already talked about global keywords for your entire website but it is essential that you also define other keywords.

Semantic search is one of the SEO trends in 2021 that will have the most relevance

When you create content for a post (like this one you are reading) or the description of a product it is important to optimize said content for certain keywords, but above all that they are aimed at satisfying the results of a semantic search by Google.

Internal linking

If you have defined your SEO strategy well, you already have part of the work done to correctly define your internal linking.

A correct internal linking sends unequivocal signals to Google of what content is relevant on your website and it helps to better position those pages that you are really interested in positioning.

Internal linking is also the way to distribute the “link juice” throughout your website.

Friendly URLS

Another of those SEO trends for 2021 is to have “seo friendly” URLS

Forget about leaving the default permalink structure.

Some tips to make your website’s URLs friendlier:

  • Define a structure as short as possible
  • Include on the left (or start) the Keyword
  • Eliminate “stop words” or words that have nothing to contribute, although you can keep those that are included in your keywords

Some examples:

  • your-web-with-these-trends-seo / -> Incorrect
  • -> Correct

Don’t duplicate content

Duplicate content is increasingly being pursued by Google so always try to generate unique and genuine content for each of the pages of your website.

Do not reuse texts on different pages whenever possible.

And of course, do not plagiarize content from other websites!

WPO optimization

Is your website correctly optimized and does it load fast?

What depends on it, and above all, how can you ensure that it is?

One of the SEO trends for 2021 is precisely the improvement in loading times. A website that loads faster serves the content faster, offers a better user experience, will have a lower bounce rate and of course it will have better satisfied the user’s search intention (don’t forget that this matters a lot to Google)

Now, what do we have to take into account to improve our WPO optimization?


The correct choice of a hosting whose servers load your website fast It’s fundamental.

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Other optimizations and improvements will be of no use if your hosting takes time to serve the web, since all other processes will be affected.

Theme o plantilla

Select a theme or template for your website and cms as simple as possible, that is, it contains just the code you need.

Run away from those who promise you more than you really need as you will be penalizing your loading times.

Optimize your images

As the webs offer more and more images, and of higher resolution to be displayed on all types of screens, proper optimization becomes more and more necessary.

It is important that your images are optimized for weight and size, either before uploading them to your website or on your own website.

Of course nothing to upload 1 and 2 MB images as they are handed to us!

An image is correctly optimized:

  • When it has the necessary size to be displayed correctly in a part of your website to the largest size in which it can be displayed.
  • When it has been compressed and reduced to the maximum possible size with no loss of quality visible to the user.

Thus, it may be the case that a profile image that weighs just 50Kb is poorly optimized, whereas a header image that weighs 250kb is.

Tools to measure the loading speed of your website

The tools that we consider the most useful and reliable to measure the loading times of your website are Gtmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.


Thanks to these tools you can detect where the bottlenecks are, those elements of your website that take the longest to load and you can also apply improvement options.

Measure and analyze

We are reaching the end of this post in which we have told you the main SEO actions that you must carry out, however none of this would make sense if you do not measure and analyze.

All actions related to obtaining a better positioning must be measured at all times to know if corrections are necessary as well as the degree of fulfillment of our objectives.

For all this, tools such as the ones that we have already recommended throughout the post will be very useful, but also the most important of all: Google Analytics

So far our post, now it’s your turn to update your website with all these SEO trends in 2021.