SEO Local con Google My Business

For some time now, one of the best ways to organically position a physical business is the combination of Local SEO and Google My Business.

In reality, the Google tool is just one more part of Local SEO but of course it is becoming more and more important, to such an extent that using it well you will get more than obvious results at the local positioning level.

But what is the most important and necessary thing to optimize in Google My Business to better position your business?

If you have or manage the communication, marketing or visibility of a local business on the internet, this post will interest you.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO or local positioning are all those actions we perform to position the activity of a business for a specific physical location or geographical area.

Thus, it is about a company or business positioning itself for certain search intentions made by users who are linked to a geographical location.

Those search intentions can be related to the sale of products and services, either physically on the premises itself or in an entire geographical area.

In addition, Local SEO also affects the organic visibility that our business obtains in other ways than traditional SEO, something that Google comes to call Local Pack in your SERPS.

SEO Local

Surely you can clearly identify what a local search is and how it is displayed on Google Maps or the location cards shown in the search engine, right?

Keep in mind that 46% of searches are already linked to local searches on Google

Or what is the same, businesses that are not optimized for Local SEO are losing 46% of all searches that are being done on Google. And what is worse, the trend is that there are more and more local searches.

Now, what factors does Google take into account to position a local business for certain search intentions?

There are three most important factors that you take into account:

  • Popularity: A place that has better opinions or a greater number of physical visits, although it can be found at a greater distance, obtains a better position.
  • Proximity: Google takes into account the place from which we do the search or the location with which our search is linked. Sometimes it even just interprets it from our own query. Therefore, prioritize the businesses that are closest to these two variables.
  • Relevance: Those businesses that best satisfy a search intent have priority to be displayed. Therefore, between two businesses that offer similar services, the one that best serves that search intention has priority, regardless of whether it can be found further away.

And now you may be wondering, how does Google analyze all that data?

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That is where the Google My Business application comes in, it is the tool (not the only one) that best serves Google to obtain information about each business that the owners and customers provide.

However, Local SEO is not just Google My Business

Of course there is another series of actions that influence a better positioning and that they are not directly related to GMB. Some of these actions are as follows:

  • Include information inonline profiles: In addition to GMB, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor
  • To create content on your blog: publications of posts focused on local content and establishment of a good linking strategy in these content
  • Obtaining comments, recommendations and opinions of your services or products
  • Include your business information in local directories
  • Optimize your website for all types of devices, especially mobile
  • Improve the authority of your domain

Local SEO in Google My Business, where to start?

Seo Local Google My Business

Google My Business is the great tool used by the big G to connect businesses, companies and clients to provide more data to contribute to their business and still main source of income:

Advertising. In this tool, functionalities of social networks, search, geopositioning, etc. converge and are integrated. To start in Google My Business the first thing you have to do is register your business. For this you must have a Gmail account and check first if your business is already on Google Maps, in that case you can claim it as your own, if you cannot register it from scratch. In either case you must verify your location, by phone or by mail

Once your location has been registered, you can complete step by step each of the sections that this tool has for your business.

Our recommendation is that you complete all the sections with as much information as possible.

Later on we will tell you the sections that are most important for proper optimization, but keep in mind that the more information we provide about our business, the more facilities we are giving Google to get to know it better and, therefore, the more possibilities to show it. in more searches.

In addition, GMB makes it easy for us by indicating the percentage in which we have completed our company profile.

Complete company profile in Google my business

Benefits of having a Google My Business location for our business

Among the main benefits are the following:

A tool for direct contact with your customers

Get direct and fluid communication with your customers that can have an impact, for example, in offering better services or better service.

Allows you to get more customers

Have access to more clients gaining more visibility, tell them what you offer, what your company does. Get more sales as a result.

It’s free

Using all the GMB functionalities has no cost for your business.

Without a doubt, this is the great asset of this tool at the moment, especially if the budget for marketing and advertising actions of your business is tight.

It is the tool that most influences Local SEO to position in Google

So much so that your business can dispense with the web and other actions that we mentioned above and position itself in the SERPS for local results only with a well-optimized location.

In addition, there are businesses that, due to their own activity, may be more than sufficient.

Key aspects to optimize in Google My Business

Well, as we said before, we are going to tell you what you should pay more attention to when optimizing and managing your location.


The NAP refers to the initials in English of name, address and telephone.

This is a key aspect of the information we provide and that is often not taken into account.

NAP Google my business

The agreement between these three data that we provide in our GMB file and the data that we offer on our website (in the footer or contact page) must be identical. In addition, we must also make it match on other sites such as social networks, local directories.

The NAP must be consistent everywhere it is displayed, in such a way that Google clearly identifies that they refer to the same business.

The importance of reviews

Google reviews

Reviews are another of the key aspects to improve your positioning.

Various studies affirm that a large percentage of the purchasing decisions of customers are based on reviews we read about a business.

Who has not ever looked at the reviews of a restaurant before reserving a table?

Of course Google is aware of the value that customers give them and perhaps that is why it takes them into account to position a business.

Contrary to what many people believe The number of reviews does not influence so much as the score-evaluation obtained.

This is what influences the most:

  1. Score-evaluation that clients give us. Try to avoid receiving low scores as much as possible.
  2. Review extension, optimization and value. A positive review with more than 200 characters, including an image and some Keyword related to our services or products for which we want to position is optimal. In short, that adds value to another client who reads it.
  3. Number of reviews. Of course it is better to have 20 optimal reviews than just 5, but it is also better to have 5 optimal than 20 of little value and even some with a low score.

Now, the reviews are not going to come to you alone!

You have to put all the means at your fingertips to make it easier for your clients to do them.

Reseñas Google My Business Host-Fusion

Google in the “Receive more reviews” section provides us with a link generator to your reviews so that your customers can directly click and leave you their review.

We leave you here ours so that if you dare, you can leave us a positive review:

Our Reviews on Google My Business

Some ideas that we suggest you to get your customers to leave you reviews:

  • Include link in a email automatic after making a purchase
  • Organize raffles of a product and include in the bases leave a positive review of your business (be careful with this or it may turn against you)
  • Include a message in the tickets or sight cards inviting to make a review (for example in the case of a restaurant or a hotel)

Finally, always respond to all reviews, especially those that are not positive.

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SEO in the fields of categories, description, products and services

Description Host-Fusion in Google My Business

Did you know that we can do SEO On Page with Keywords as we do on a web?

Well, it is not exactly the same but quite similar, and nothing complicated to carry out.

In the categories, description, services and products fields we must include the keywords for which we want to position our business.

As we do in a web, we define some Keywords main that we are going to use in categories of our business and the description of it.

On the other hand some keywords Secondary (which may coincide with those used in the description) used in the products and services that your company or business offers.

Images that make SEO Local

Images are another type of content that is becoming more and more relevant to position in the SERPS.

The photos that can be displayed of your business can be uploaded by both clients and yourself.

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It is interesting that your clients (as we said before) together with the review share an image of you, however it is better that you take charge of uploading most of the photos yourself for several reasons that are beneficial for you:

  • Your photos are probably from Best Quality. You do not need to hire a photographer (although it is recommended) but take the best possible quality photos.
  • You can georeference (or geolocate) your images, that is, add the location of your business in the metadata.
  • You will include the keywords major and minor for your business in the name of the file you upload. For example, if you upload a photo of a starter from your restaurant menu, make that file contain the name of the dish.

Of course, the more quality photos you upload, the better.

Oh, and these recommendations are for videos too.

Posts to gain visibility

Publications in Google my Business

Google highly values ​​that we generate content frequently and periodically by displaying our publications prominently in the SERPS.

Take advantage of this visibility that GMB offers us to gain visibility and get some very interesting extra benefits like:

  • Sell ​​products
  • Launch offers
  • Generate traffic to your website

But above all, use publications to provide content about your business, your products and what you can offer to your customers.


As we have seen throughout this post there are compelling reasons why if you have a local business you should not only have a location but also perfectly optimized.

There are many advantages that can bring your business to carry out a Local SEO optimization with Google My Business and as you can see without the need to invest in advertising campaigns.

Do you dare to optimize your business file now?