Protect your WordPress in real time with Proactive Defense

That WordPress is currently the most used CMS on the internet, there is no doubt, as there is no doubt that being the most popular and used, it is also the most attacked.

To protect our WordPress as a user we must follow some guidelines, have the core updated, the plugins and the themes, there are many security plugins that help us keep our WordPress protected from different attacks.

But what about server protection?

With the measures mentioned above, we can protect our WordPress from within WordPress itself, as a user, but sometimes the “bad guys” go ahead of the core, plugin and theme developers and detect vulnerabilities that they are capable of exploiting before they do. own developers remedy with their updates.

This is where it comes in Proactive Defense from Imunify360, designed and developed to detect malicious scripts in real time and from the server and block their execution even when your WordPress is fully updated and protected by security plugins that are not enough to stop an attack and compromise your installation.

It is what is known as ZERO DAY, a vulnerability that has not been detected and therefore our facilities are vulnerable and there is no knowledge of it, nor is there a patch or update available to close the security bug.


imunify360 in action

Imunify360 is the security system we use in Host-Fusion, dispose of WAF (Web Application Firewall) with security rules to protect and block attacks in real time to WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal and the most popular CMS, with protection system against raw force attacks to WordPress login, email accounts, ftp and that scans in real time every file that is uploaded via the web or ftp to your website to protect it without affecting the performance of your WordPress.

If Imunify360 detects several fraudulent login attempts to your WordPress, the attacker’s IP is temporarily blocked, going to the gray list, if the attack persists, the IP will be blacklisted.

If by any chance those login attempts are legitimate and the problem is that you do not remember the password, when you try to access your website, Imunify360 will show you a protection shield with the possibility of passing a Captcha to unblock your IP, also if it happens by Attempts to access ftp or an email account, in this way you do not depend on the system administrator to unblock your ip, if it is legitimate you can unblock yourself.

The security rules of Imunify360 are updated daily, adding new rules against defined attacks against WordPress and updating the existing ones for the possible variants of the attacks on these vulnerabilities.

Imunify360 also scans detects, blocks sending the compromised file to Quarantine and allows cleaning the file of malicious code to restore it. It monitors and notifies you of the reputation of your domain, if it has been banned by Google for being compromised your website so that you can clean your website and request the review in Google.

In our cPanel you have the Imunify360 interface where you can see the security status of your installations and with the necessary tools to take action, infected files, disinfection, exclusion of files due to false positives, reputation and Proactive Defense.

Imunify360 interfaz cPanel

Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense, is as we mentioned previously, the defense in real time even of the malicious scripts that are not yet known, the so-called ZERO DAY.

Proactive Defense activated, monitors all the operations that occur on your website and if it detects malicious activity, it acts by blocking said action to not allow your website to be compromised.

It is also an intelligent system that learns and acts according to its learning from your website and is fully configurable to avoid false positives, allowing the user to exclude routes and files from its interface.

Proactive Defense in action

It has three methods, deactivated, Log only in which it detects but does not block to learn from your website and help you detect possible False positives and be able to include paths and files as files ignored by the system and the Kill Mode option that blocks the malicious script so soon as the attack is detected.

Kill Mode is the highest level of protection for your website or websites that you host on the same hosting.

Committed to safety, committed to your safety

In Host-Fusion.Com We are very clear that the safety of our clients is fundamental for their projects, reputation and the generation of trust with their visitors and clients.

That is why during all these years we have always implemented the best server tools to offer you the highest level of protection and we currently have and offer our clients the most advanced security system for your website, Imunify360 available in all our plans Hosting WordPress protecting your WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla, Wiki and the most popular and used scripts, from the minute you stay with us.

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