Prepare your WordPress for #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday

November 23 is the official day of the Black Friday and continues on November 26 with the Cyber Monday, practically worldwide.

These days sales are skyrocketing, surely you have all your offers already prepared and your strategy defined to launch yourself into mass sales, this is very important, but no less important is to have your main sales tool ready for such an event, your website, your WordPress.

These days hackers also make their particular “August”, they will even have already started, like you, to prepare everything, compromising all possible websites to launch their attack on those dates, for example by installing cryptominers so that each visitor who visits one of these infected websites, their computers start to work mining cryptocurrency, their particular black friday.

Therefore, it is very important to fortify our WordPress sites for this event.

Some important tips to keep our sites safe and in shape:

  • Make sure your website has an SSL Certificate and that your website runs under secure protocol https://
  • Update your version of WordPress to the latest version.
  • If you have doubts that Gutenberg can make your installation fail, install the classic editor and activate it, to make sure that on November 19, which is when WordPress 5.0 is expected to be released with Gutenberg as editor, you will not be caught by surprise.
  • Update your theme, template to the latest version.
  • Update all your plugins.
  • Activate double authentication for your administrator, thus blocking access to it by bots and hackers.
  • Make backup copies and always have them at hand.
  • Perform security scanners to your website to make sure that it is not already compromised.
  • Use a security plugin like Wordfence or NinjaFirewall.
  • Check your administrator users and who has access to your WordPress admin.
  • If there are several administrators, it is advisable to pass a circular with the security measures that you adopt and that are mandatory for all.
  • Not least, keep our computers, operating systems, browsers, applications updated.
  • Have antivirus on your computers, with updated licenses and it performs scans on all your computers, yes, Mac too, they are not invulnerable, it is a false myth, you have antivirus for Mac.
  • Your hosting, super important, that your hosting provider has security measures, backups and specialized technical support.

In Host-Fusion you have Immunify360 to protect you in real time, with its WAF (Web Application Firewall) with personalized rules to block attacks in real time to your WordPress, analyzes and scans in real time the files that are uploaded to your website, both by ftp and via browser and you have Proactive Defense that you can activate from your cPanel to block ZeroDay attacks in real time, if Proactive Defense detects a series of suspicious actions, it will block the execution at that very moment to keep your installation protected.

Proactive Defense, protect your WordPress in real time

At Host-Fusion we provide you with free SSL certificates that install and renew themselves, without you having to do anything, apart from reading the email that informs you that the certificate has been installed or renewed, by yourself.

It is also important for your sales strategy that your website is fast, that is why we offer you our servers hosted in our Data Center in Spain, high-speed SSD disks and we serve your website with technology http2 and to give it even more speed, Google technology, QUIC and compression Brotley without you having to do anything to activate them.

Served from our web servers LiteSpeed to withstand twice the number of visits than a normal server and without messing up. What we have dubbed our technology SpeedFusion.

And if your site is one of those who need more, you have our superior range of Elastic Hosting, more CPU, more RAM, more space, more processes and our specialized technical support.

Host-Fusion is by your side, to help you in everything you need for your website, we take care of migrating your website without interruptions so that everything is operational, contact our Technical support for any consultation or advice.

We wish you the best in this Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday campaign.

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