Plugins for WordPress, heroes or villains

Plugins, what are plugins? Heroes ? Villains? As the song of Pau Donés (Jarabe de palo) said, “It depends, it all depends”, “Depending on how you look at it, it all depends.”

A definition of a plugin that I have always liked and that my good friend Noel Carrión made and said like this. “Plugins are like car extras”.

Indeed, plugins are just that, extras, that are able to provide our WordPress with those functionalities that do not come standard, for example, an online store with WooCommerce, help positioning with an SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, add extra security thanks to plugins like Wordfence, Ninja Firewall etc.

These are the plugins, packed lines of code that we can search and install directly from the administration of our WordPress and that add to our WordPress tools depending on our needs.

They are heroes.

They are heroes because thanks to the great community that is WordPress we have thousands of plugins that help us or solve our needs for our websites, without needing to know programming, they practically give us it done and in the vast majority of cases without the need for pay not a euro. Blessed community.

They are villains.

Plugins become villains, precisely because of that immensity of plugins available in the official WordPress repository, there are so many, to do so many things and they are free (most of them) or freemium, that the human desire to accumulate makes us install ourselves, very many more than we need.

This causes several scenarios, the more plugins we install, the more maintenance we have to do on them, the more consumption of our resources (CPU, RAM), the more likely conflicts between plugins and themes. Not to mention the amount of waste that they leave in our databases every time we install and uninstall plugins, they make our database fatter, leaving it more and more heavy and therefore worse performance.

And it is that use and abuse of plugins when they inadvertently turn into villains.

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