Plugin the chat and WordPress

WordPress chat plugin, the use of instant messaging services and having an chat en WordPress It is highly recommended due to the great advantages it provides us in different types of uses for which we can use them.

Let’s face it, we are getting more and more lazy to dial a phone number and have to ask out loud to make any questions.

Surely you have also gone through one of these situations:

  • They have kept me waiting with music for 20 minutes
  • I have been passed from one person to another
  • They have treated me by means of a robot that, no matter how much I repeated, I did not understand what he was saying

The experience is not pleasant, is it?

Well, more and more companies and businesses realize that the client is more committed to another type of communication in writing and that avoids the need to manage a switchboard or telephone service (with or without automation)

Undoubtedly, the latter is a relief for small businesses that in this way avoid the need to invest in higher costs.

We can therefore affirm that chats have come to stay.

Luckily, if your CMS is WordPress, you have it really easy, there are very good options for integration via chat plugin and throughout this post we are going to show you.

You want to know more?

Advantages of using a WordPress chat plugin

Next we are going to indicate some of the advantages why we believe that having a chat on your website is a great idea for your business.

  • You make your website more professional. You directly convey that you care about customer service.
  • You offer greater confidence. It is an aspect closely linked to the previous advantage, of course the client obtains a confidence signal from you, he can contact you easily and quickly from your own website.
  • Faster. The client avoids calling and having to put themselves on hold in order to be attended. In businesses where attention and support is a widely used service, this is something highly valued by the customer.
  • Easier to contact. It is easier and with fewer clicks to start writing directly on your own website to make a query instead of writing an email.
  • More profitability. The costs of such a service are much lower than those that a company must bear to offer something similar over the phone. In addition, there are even free chat options, totally valid for your business (we will show you later)
  • Easier to manage. For a business it is easier to handle a service of this type.

The 6 best WordPress chat plugins

Once we have already told you about all the advantages for including a chat in the communication and support strategy of your business, it is necessary to know which are those plugins that may interest you the most.

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This is a list in which we show you the ones that we consider the most outstanding.

For each of these chat plugins we indicate their characteristics that we find most interesting.

1- Tidio Live Chat

Tidio live chat

We have put this chat plugin at the top of the list for a compelling reason, we think it is one of the ones that offers the most for less, because it is freemium and totally sufficient in its free version for small businesses.

There are many things about Tidio that we like and that you can only get with other paid plugins.

In particular we highlight:

  • The full customization of the widget so that nothing is out of step with the design of your website.
  • The ease to install it, but also to manage it.
  • Receive Notices of new visitors to your website, so that you can contact them (Don’t be too intrusive)
  • Know the page of your website from which they are writing to you. This is very useful to better contextualize and faster the type of query that a client is asking you.
  • See live what the client writes before I submit, so you can prepare your response and make the conversation more fluid.
  • Application for mobile devices, for both Android and iOS, in this way you can attend inquiries from anywhere without even having to access your website.

As we told you before, all these characteristics seem more than enough for a small business, however if this is not your case, you have more very interesting functionalities in its paid version:

  • Use of Chatbots With which to automate responses so that you can provide customer service 24 hours a day and thus screen those simpler but repetitive or frequent queries.
  • Tools of integration with email marketing in order to enhance your strategy for capturing leads and conversions.

2- Facebook chat

Plugin de chat Facebook

With almost 2,500 million users, Facebook is the social network with the most people connected, so what if we take advantage of and connect with them thanks to the chat plugin it offers?

The advantage of this plugin over the rest is precisely there, in the confidence that it inspires in users and the ease for them, since it allows them continue the conversation from your own messenger application, without having to access the web again to pick up the conversation where they left off.

Of course, that advantage for the customer is also for businesses that no longer lose a customer when they decide to leave their website.

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In addition, if they are not users or are not logged in with Facebook, they can write in guest mode.

This plugin is completely free.

Key aspects of this plugin:

  • To be able to have the conversations in the app the Messenger the Facebook.
  • Set up automatic responses for certain frequently asked questions. It is not an advanced chatbot but it can be useful to offer certain answers.
  • Set schedules of attention or availability.
  • Show links to products or services of your business.

3- 3CX Live Chat

Chat 3CX

Don’t be fooled by the strange name and the gratuitousness of this plugin, it has a lot to offer and is a very complete solution for small businesses.

Some of the many features that we liked about this plugin:

  • You can have unlimited agents and it is also possible to assign conversations to other agents.
  • Windows of customizable chat.
  • Compatibility with others translation plugins.
  • They can be included surveys and polls in the chat.
  • Access to all conversations once finished.
  • IP blocking to users, something very useful to combat spam or trolls.
  • Apps for mobile devices, both on Android and iOS.

4- Join Chat

Join chat

This live chat plugin is one of the most successful and installed today.

Right now it has more than 300,000 installations

It is a plugin completely oriented to the use and integration with WhatsApp And that is why, in addition to being freemium, that it is being so successful.

Join Chat is the perfect solution to communicate with your clients through WhatsApp, the most used messaging service in the world, a guarantee to connect while offering more confidence to the client.

It is also very simple to implement, it integrates very well into any website and at any size in which it is displayed.

We especially like Join Chat:

  • The button customization that is displayed on your website. You can choose the pages in which it is shown, areas and moments in which to be shown as well as add the logo of your brand or business.
  • Create notifications for your clients. Show a balloon to your customers when they have a response, that way the application is less intrusive with the customer and can navigate while.
  • Shows calls to action. You can create messages to simply welcome a customer or show them promotions of your business, you choose what!
  • Is perfectly integrated with Woocommerce.
  • Is scalableIf you need more functionalities, you can purchase other plugins that expand its functionalities.

As you can see, it is a very complete plugin, you can see more about how it works in this video that they share on their channel.

5 – Tawk.To live chat

Tawk plugin para WordPress

This free plugin is one of the most reputable ones in the WordPress repository and of course we had to include it in this list of the best WordPress chat plugins.

Its simplicity of use, both for the client and the owner, is what we like the most.

Other functionalities it offers:

  • It has like other plugins of apps for mobile devices.
  • Personalization window colors, content, border size etc. so nothing is out of tune with your brand.
  • Unlimited number of agents.
  • Incorporates custom emojis.
  • Translation automatic.

6- HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot para WordPress

With this plugin we really not only get a chat plugin but something much more complete, the chat functionalities are part of a very interesting marketing tool that integrates perfectly with your website.

This live chat for WordPress is integrated into a free CRM

So, with this tool you also get CRM features for your business.

We like this plugin:

  • It includes chatbots Through Chatflows, a free and highly customizable functionality with which we can automatically answer questions that customers ask us.
  • All the conversations in the CRM.
  • Can create support tickets.

Its free version is great but in its payment plans it is in which you discover all the potential of Hubspot for your business.


We are almost done, but before we finish we want to give you a few more tips before deciding on one or the other plugin.

Choose the chat plugin that best suits what you need for your website and your business, do not choose the one that has more functionalities but that you will not need, however.

Try to choose one that transmits confidence to your customers, for this it is also key that it adapts and integrates very well into your website.

And finally, install a live chat plugin only if you are going to be able to manage it, discard the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling it if you are not going to be able to manage the queries that come to you quickly and efficiently.

Now it’s up to you to choose one of these WordPress chat plugins, which one do you prefer for your website?