Patentes, Facebook, WordPress, React y Gutenberg

This week the WordPress community has received a major blow, since Facebook has decided to patent the React library.

Despite the fact that Facebook is one of the main contributors to free software, this time it has decided to include a patent clause for the React library.

How does this affect WordPress? For example, the long-awaited Gutenberg plugin, one of the pearls of Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder) uses the React library. Likewise, React is used by many plugin and theme developers.

Despite the Apache Foundation prohibiting these practices, Facebook has made this decision.

There are two ways, to litigate in court for this decision, which would make the process eternal, or to rewrite Gutenberg, for example, without using React. So this is a real stick for the ambitious Gutenberg project on which the future of WordPress is based.

Today, Tuesday, September 19, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion, we will tell you what happened and how the situation is.

As always, we will have our regular sections, on security, plugin and theme updates and news from the WordPress community.

You can follow the event live in this article.

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