Not updating WordPress can become your worst nightmare

Every day we face new challenges with WordPress, but there is a challenge that not everyone meets, perhaps the most important challenge, to have WordPress and its components updated.

WordPress currently occupies more than 30% of the websites on the internet, its popularity is increasing, in Spain almost more, there are many meetups, WordCamps and events related to WordPress, podcast, tutorial blogs, memberships, courses, etc.

WordPress is “simple” thanks to its easy learning curve, but it has a small stumbling block, it has to be updated and that is often not met.

The consequences of not updating

Every time someone comes to us with a problem with WordPress, hacking, dysfunctionality, slowness among the most common requirements, the first thing we do is check the installation and its components, and the first thing we see is that the WordPress in question is out of date by the time just like the plugins and themes you use.

This entails its consequences, the web is vulnerable and is hacked and infected, the plugins stop working properly, the web becomes extremely slow and worst of all, it is banned by Google for being infected, for sending spam, SEO problems spam by including links to fraudulent or dubious sites and finally the prestige of our website and our company is in tatters.

If you enter a website and your browser releases the screenshot of a dangerous site, are you going to continue browsing to that website? Will you visit that website again? Are you going to trust that Brand? The answer is always NO.

The factors that lead to not updating a website

  • If everything works, why am I going to update, go something breaks.
  • My website has no relevance, who is going to hack me.
  • I am not a designer or programmer, I do not have the knowledge.
  • They made me the web, so that I am going to pay maintenance.
  • They made me the web and I never heard from the designer again.
  • Whether I update that tomorrow or the day after, for that matter, what urgency there is.

Why should I have WordPress and its components updated?

The answers are obvious, avoid the aforementioned consequences, for the health of our company, for the prestige of our brand, because maintenance cannot be stingy, so we definitely don’t want to have one of our worst nightmares if this happens to us.

The new Gutenberg editor

One of the most ambitious projects of the near future of WordPress, is the new and controversial editor Gutenberg.

The one that is supposed to come out with version 5.0 of WordPress, of which there have already been a couple of attempts to include it as a recommended banner to install it in the latest updates, but thanks to the fact that they have reversed those intentions, since Gutenberg is still in its infancy and one of the main problems is that it is not compatible with the vast majority of plugins and themes.

But the time will come when it will be and you will enter our lives and change the concept of publisher that we know until now.

And that will be a point of no return, to which we will all have to adapt, users, developers, designers, even that profile that I like so little (because of the concept and the tone in which it is used) which is called assembler.

Each and every one of us who work with WordPress, we will have to take the step to Gutenberg and an essential condition is to have our facilities healthy, optimal and of course, updated.

WordPress News in Spanish, program 77

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You can see the program live in this article.

WordPress News in Spanish, every Wednesday, at 7:00 p.m. live, with Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion

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