New WordPress 5.2.3 security update

The end of the holidays is coming for almost everyone and everything returns to normal, even WordPress that while version 5.3 is still in the oven, the development and security team releases a maintenance and security update, WordPress 5.2.3.

What brings back

Mainly the closure of several security bugs, closure of some bugs of WordPress itself for its better functioning and the update of jQuery in old versions of WordPress. This has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the security team and external security reports and contributions.

Is there to update?

Yes or yes, unless you are one of those who like risk, but don’t worry, it is a minor update of the calls and they update in the background and automatically, surely you have already received the typical email informing you that your WordPress has been updated , even if you weren’t using the latest version as it covers older versions.

But it is worth checking it, since for some reason this automatic update may not have been carried out and it is convenient that it be updated to the latest version to protect your WordPress and enjoy the improvements that this update includes.

How to update

You can choose to let it update automatically, you can do it manually, after recommended backup if any of the plugins or themes is affected by these changes.

If you are a client of ours, you already know that you can update through Softaculous that allows you to make a backup prior to the update, all in the same interface and on the fly, you also have our system Jetbackup In case something goes wrong, you can always restore the folders and files where you have WordPress installed, as well as the database, although it should not be affected by the update.

And you always have to update from the WordPress administration itself, just by entering it will tell you whether or not there is a new update and a little button to update manually.

I said, welcome to September and get off to a good start by checking that we have everything up to date and start the course with homework done.