New website !! Celebrate it with us and get a 25% discount. #forever

We are premiering, we have just launched the new Host-Fusion.Com website and it is version 6 since 2004 !!

Since we started our journey through the world of hosting, many things have happened, one of them has been the evolution of our website, I show you in chronological order, in the images you can see the design trends of each era, from the first website made in pure and simple html, until version 4 in which we started using WordPress as a web platform and content management.

First web, html, made with Dreamweaver, form with php, February 2004

First web Host-fusion.Com

In February 2005 we released version 2, this already incorporated some Flash and the first logo of the blade that has evolved until today, the web was still made in html with Dreamweaver and it used a php file to send the form.

Second web Host-Fusion.Com year 2005

Our version 3 came to the fore in 2009, html continued to dominate even above Flash, which was very popular, Dreamweaver and little php. We had been with the same website for 4 years, it was time to give a makeover, our logo kept evolving, our services too.

And in 2012 we made the leap to WordPress, even though we had been using it as a blog for a long time, this year was the definitive one in changing from the craft work of html and css, to working with a CMS that allowed us to develop the web in real time and very Quick.

From here on there was no going back and we continue working with WordPress, specializing in our favorite CMS, offering specialized services, especially in hosting and post, a lot of posts about WordPress.

In short, 15 years of website, until reaching this new version that will not be the last 🙂

We continue to bet on WordPress as our CMS, we owe it a lot, we have learned a lot with it, we have tried to return part by contributing our grain of sand, more than 1000 post about WordPress, 1 book (the most downloaded from Bubok about WordPress), hundreds of videos About WordPress, tutorials, SEO guides, organization of events such as WordPress Day Marbella, the creation of the Majadahonda WordPress Community, on the personal side, I have participated in several Meetups, Events such as WordPress Day Madrid (first attempt of WordCamp in Spain ), lectures throughout Spain, lectures at universities such as the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in radio programs such as talk shows, social networks, sponsorships of the most popular WordCamps in Spain, such as Madrid and Valencia, in short, we have participated and contributed what we have been able, and will continue.

I invite you to visit our new web version of Host-Fusion.Com with all its essence, as always and to celebrate it, we leave you a 25% discount #for always in our Hosting plans for WordPress

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