New version of WordPress 5.0.3

We started the year with a new version of WordPress, 5.0.3, which corrects up to 37 bugs in version 5 and applies 7 optimization improvements.

15 of these bugs and improvements correspond how could it be otherwise to the new block editor.

Being very honest, and as I have been reporting in recent times, the new block editor was not baked enough to leave it and serve itself, it is like when Automattic bought WooCommerce, since then versions that have not stopped coming out They solved bugs or made regressions in the code or in the operation, it is also happening now with WordPress, regressions, debugging etc.

Maybe and just maybe, it should have stayed longer as a plugin, but, already in the puddle, any update that affects the editor will lead to an update of WordPress itself.

Although it is true, there are more and more good reviews of the new block editor, even from professionals, from my side, I always said that the idea was very good and that future generations of WordPresseras that start with WordPress, will do so now directly with the block editor, but I think the new editor has a lot to refine.

That said, installing and activating the classic editor as a plugin, working with WordPress 5.0.x should not give you major problems, beyond the use of plugins or themes, not adapted, abandoned or too old, to take into account, that the problems With the block editor, they will always lie in the plugins that affect the edition, appear in the editor and of course, the themes.

If you have already decided to take the step to WordPress 5, I leave you an article with a video to clarify and help you take the step.

Upgrade to WordPress 5 step by step #video

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