New Photo Galleries Widget, WordPress 4.9 target

In previous versions of WordPress we have seen the implementation and remodeling of Widgets, such as the text, html or image and video widget, and it seems that the trend to use widgets to offer more functionality to WordPress, will continue.

In this case, the photo galleries widget integrated into the WordPress core, which has been set as a goal to include it in the next version 4.9.

This widget will allow us to create photo galleries to add them to the sidebar or sidebar, without the need to use extra plugins, which will be to the detriment of the hundreds of plugins that do this same function.

The operation is very simple, like the rest of the widgets, we will only have to select the gallery widget to include it in our sidebar and select the images that we want to appear.

photo gallery widget for WordPress 4.9

Everything indicates that the vision of the use of WordPress is directed to the integration in the core and its functionalities, such as Gutenberg, a core that is increasingly complex and heavy, we will see if in the end it becomes an All in one that each time need less plugins.

As always in today’s program we will talk about our usual sections, we continue with the follow-up of WooCommerce 3.2 that has already launched its Release Candidate and is expected to be released on October 11.

The saga about the Facebook React license continues, with the Apache foundation in the middle and WordPress looking for a new library to permanently replace React and unfreeze the Gutenberg project.

Updates of the most popular plugins this week, such as All in one WP Migration, Disable REST API or WPML CMS Multilingual.

All this and much more, today, Thursday, September 28, with Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion, live and direct, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time.

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