Migrating WordPress

Do you need to migrate WordPress?

There are many occasions when we need to migrate WordPress, for example when you want to change the hosting provider, move from a directory to the root or vice versa, move your development locally to the cloud or because you simply want to stay in the best WordPress hosting in Spain, Host-Fusion.Com, because you are worth it and your project needs it.

In the latter case, you just have to contact our Technical Support so that we can make it very easy for you.

How to migrate WordPress

There are several ways to do it, manually, with plugins or with applications.

The manual form is reserved for those people who like to control the whole process and who also have knowledge of databases, ftp management and file editing. I am one of those who recommends at least learning to perform a migration manually, although later you rely on plugins or applications, but learning to perform a migration manually I think it brings experience and knowledge of how websites based on connection files work in general. with databases.

But, there are always the plugins that facilitate these tasks, there are several, Duplicator, All in one WP migration, WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin, Easy WordPress Migration. These plugins make the task relatively easy for us since they clone and migrate all of our WordPress, images, plugins, files, comments, database, etc.

There are other cases in which we only want to save the data and migrate it, for example to migrate from WordPress.Com to our installation in WordPress.Org, in this case we can use the WordPress exporter / importer itself, then it is a matter of installing the template and make the necessary adjustments, from there we can install plugins.

With regard to applications, there are also several, for example the Softaculous importer that by entering the data of the origin server we can connect and do the migration or platforms such as ManageWP that in their paid versions allow us to clone and migrate WordPress from one server to another .

Today, March 7, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, live and direct, Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion, we invite you to participate in our live show with your contributions, questions and whatever you want about WordPress migrations, how do you do it, what is your infallible method?

We, for our part, will talk about the different situations and how to approach them to make a perfect and smooth migration.

You can follow and participate in this event, directly from this article.

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