Manage your backups with JetBackup at @hostfusion

Having backups, backup copies, restoring files, databases, emails, complete accounts, now in Host-Fusion it is as easy as clicking.

At Host-Fusion we have always opted for the latest in technology, LiteSpeed, LsCache, Inmunify360, Cloudlinux, Softaculous and now it is the turn of backups, integrating Jetbackup into the control panels of our WordPress hosting clients.

Control Panel Jetbackup, HostFusion

Jetbackup is a management, restoration and absolute control system over the backup copies of our hosting, which has a panel control integrated in cPanel.

With Jetbackup we can see and download by dates, complete copies of our site, databases, emails, Crons and DNS management, being able to download them locally to have our own copies of everything and have them available at any time.

And most importantly, we can easily restore them from cPanel and in a matter of minutes or seconds, it depends on the size of the backup.

With the File Backups tool, we can restore specific folders or files, because it is not always necessary to restore an entire hosting or entire website to solve an incident.

Restore files with Jetbackup

We can navigate in the directories of our copies, select and restore a specific folder or file. Imagine that you have made a change to a file or updated a plugin and this has caused a 500 error, a blank screen, or the website has simply stopped operating correctly. In this case, it is not necessary to restore the entire web, we can simply navigate through the File Backup file manager, select the date of the copy to restore, select the file or folder, restore it in a single click and everything is back how was it.

With total autonomy, you do not need the intervention of anyone to be able to manage and solve the incident, quickly, efficiently and safely.

Jetbackup makes two daily copies of your hosting and you have copies of the last 14 days, 2 weekly copies and 1 monthly copy of everything, complete hosting, databases, files, emails, crons and DNS, so that nothing escapes you .

As always, you also have backups of your installations with Softaculous, which you can also download and restore in a single click and now, additionally Jetbackup, because we know the importance of having backup copies of our sites at any time.

Available, from now on, in all our WordPress hosting cPanel.

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