LInks dofollow y nofollow

What are and how are dofollow and nofollow links used?

If you dedicate yourself to the world of online marketing we can affirm that an elementary tool of a good SEO strategy is the use of links in the writing in a correct and efficient way. For this reason, we will talk about the two most popular types of links dofollow and nofollow links, and we will see the importance of these elements in digital writing when it comes to efficiently positioning our website. Then we have other types of links such as UGC, content created by the user, for example in a forum or Sponsored, the typical article sponsored in a digital newspaper.

Before going into the specific matter of dofollow and nofollow links, let’s see why these types of links are important. It has been said that the use of links correctly matters a lot, because the relevance of your website depends on it. The key is to get many websites to recommend you with a link directed to yours, since in this way the search engine will understand that the linked content of your website is of quality and will positively value your website, which will make your positioning improve .

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Google understands that a link redirected to your web page as a kind of score and, therefore, the higher the quality of the link, the higher the score Google will offer you in relation to your SEO positioning. The origin of the Google algorithm is somewhat similar to the recommendations, if someone recommends you a lot and that someone has relevance, then in a certain way we will end up being important, to make a comparison with real life.

What is a dofollow link?

These types of links are commonly known as normal links. In other words, by default, all links are dofollow unless we indicate otherwise. If we take a look at the HTML code, the dofollow links look like this:

<a href="">tu enlace</a>

What does the use of dofollow links generate? Well, the fact of putting a link to another page means that the Google robot crawls this link since it understands that you are recommending visiting that page. But, in addition, when using this type of link, part of the authority or pagerank of your website is automatically transferred to the website of the outgoing link

In this way, Google understands that you are giving a positive vote to the linked web, since it assumes that you mention it because it has content that has value. This makes the pagerank of the web go up and at the same time you make your own web quite natural, since it is normal to have external links to other pages or webs.

links nofollow

So what is the nofollow link?

They differ from dofollow links because the “nofollow” attribute is added to the link and, in this way, you are telling the search engine not to follow this link. A nofollow link looks like this in the HTML code:

<a href=”” rel=”no follow” >tu enlace</a>

These types of links work the same as the others for the user, who click on the link and are redirected to the web page. The difference is that Google does not receive the order to follow that link and, therefore, there will be no transfer of Link-juice.

Although it may seem that it does not, this type of links has benefits for both your website and the linked website, the key is to find a balance between dofollow and nofollow links.

links dofollow

How to use the two types of link correctly?

As we have commented previously, the key is found in the balance between the dofollow and nofollow links. An approximate balance is recommended, adding all the external links, 30/70, to give our website a certain naturalness for Google. Then there are other more risky techniques such as obfuscating these types of links internally to improve our linking in order to rank certain pages on our website, but that must be done with some care.

Therefore, if we do not want problems, making a correct and fluid use of the links, we have a key tool for a good positioning strategy. But you must not forget that a good positioning strategy will not be enough if it is not accompanied by a web design with a comfortable and attractive user interface.

Post written by Planeta SEO, web design agency in Murcia specialists in WordPress web positioning.