Let’s talk about hosting, the importance of location and speed

Choosing a good hosting company is not an easy task, the network is full of companies, comparison websites, recommendations, comments, but…. Can we trust this information?

Yes and no, the vast majority of comparison websites are based not on the quality of services, mainly, they are based on the commissions paid by the companies they recommend, the famous affiliate links, the more commissions they pay, the more recommendations. In many of them there is not even a real analysis of the quality of the service.

The same happens in thousands of posts that talk about, What hosting to choose? What is the best hosting? Exactly the same thing happens, it does not matter if the service is good or really covers the user’s needs, such as that its servers are located in Spain, the commission is premium, the affiliate link.

We are against affiliate links, we offer them to our clients, it is legitimate, to offer a commission if a sale occurs through an affiliate link, but we do not have affiliate links open to everyone We only have them open to our clients, because if a client of ours recommends our services, whether as an affiliate or not, he offers it honestly, knowing that the service he receives is of quality.

Did you know that the hosting companies that sound the most on the internet, DO NOT host their servers in Spain? At most what they do is geolocate the IP of the server in Spain, but their Data Centers are outside of Spain, luckily some do it within Europe with what they comply with Spanish and European law, but others not even that, They host outside European borders and geolocate the IP in Europe, so your data if they are in this situation are not complying with the data protection regulations, which with the new regulations that come into operation at the beginning of 2018 They will be outlawed and that can be a big problem.

Unfortunately, no comparison website or sponsored articles talk about this matter to their readers, for which only the price and commissions are evaluated, this is a reality, which the end user, unfortunately, is unaware of.

Even if your website is hosted in Europe and has the geolocated IP, this will affect the positioning and speed of your website, it will not be decisive, but it will be a negative point to take into account. Lately we are migrating websites of providers that geolocate the IP in Spain but whose data centers are outside Spain, the first thing customers tell you is that their website is much faster now, that is normal, we use state-of-the-art technology on our servers , our own Speedfusion technology, high performance servers, with LiteSpeed ​​web servers, LSCache from the server, the best network providers, SSD disks, the latest technology for web acceleration under the https protocol, QUIC, technology developed and used by Google and that we use on our servers.

But apart from the technology, there is the distance, if you are in Spain and your website (despite having an IP geolocated in Spain) is hosted outside the country, the distance, the jumps, the ping, everything in general is slower, hence your website is not as fast as it could be.

Google has an indexing time, the faster your website is, the more pages Google indexes, the better it positions you, that is why if your potential clients are in Spain, the best thing you can do is host your website in Spain, but let it be real, not a masking of the ip, to make it appear that it is hosted in Spain.

Today, December 12, 2018, in WordPress News in Spanish, Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion, we will talk about hosting, live and direct at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time.

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