Is your WordPress Safe?

Is your WordPress safe?

In program 62 of WordPress News in Spanish, we are going to talk about the security of your WordPress. You can perform a self test:

  • Do I have the latest version of WordPress updated?
  • Do I have updated the plugins?
  • Am I using the latest version of my theme?
  • How long has it been since I changed the password?
  • Is my password secure?
  • Do I use the admin or administrator user?
  • Do I use some kind of hardening?
  • Do I have access to the administration protected?
  • Do I have the WordPress configuration file protected?
  • Do I use a firewall or security plugin?
  • Do I have a backup of my WordPress?
  • Does the hosting I use provide me with any kind of security?
  • Where can I check if my WordPress is secure?

These are some basic questions that we must ask ourselves and that in today’s program we will discuss with Antonio Postigo, Pedro Santos and with you with your participation live, today November 28, at 22:00 Spanish time.

You can see the program live or delayed in this article.

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