Install WordPress with LsCache, Cloudflare + Inmunify360 #video

Install WordPress in a couple of clicks, speed it up with our LsCache plugin, connect it to Cloudflare and verify the security of our WordPress with Inmunify360 in less than 15 minutes and everything, from your cPanel.

For this we have prepared this step by step video in which we see how to install WordPress with SSL certificate, how to select a template, configure the backups of our WordPress, we will also install our LScache cache plugin that is developed to function and connect with our exclusive LiteSpeed ​​servers and accelerate our WordPress, optimize images by converting them into the new Webp formats, even how we can connect our WordPress to the Cloudflare CDN that we offer you as official partners in a very simple way.

And we will also show you our new Inmunify360 security system to verify the security of your website and how to solve problems if they appear.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any questions, consult our department of Technical support.