I have updated Yoast SEO and it is gone

The latest version of the popular Yoast SEO 5.4.2 plugin released on September 21, seems to be giving a strange problem, that even its developers do not know how to explain or why it occurs.

The fact is that in some cases, you update the plugin to this latest version and it disappears from the list of plugins, as well as its interface, if you look for it, you cannot find it.

Looking for yoast

If you try to re-install it, it tells you that the folder already exists and indeed it is, the folder where Yoast is hosted, which is called wordpress-seo, exists as we can see in the following image.

wordpress carpet-seo

The thing is complicated, because if we try to uninstall and install again, it does not solve the problem and we can also lose all our configuration.

After investigating in the Yoast support, we see that there is a thread created with several users who are in this same situation.

This incident comes to us through one of our clients who informs us that Yoast has disappeared when updating it.


The solution runs by reinstalling the plugin by ftp, following these steps:

  • We download the plugin from official repository.
  • Once downloaded, we unzip the zip and we will get the wordpress-seo folder.
  • We connect by ftp with our hosting, you can use Filezilla or your favorite ftp program.
  • We navigate through the path wp-content / plugins where we will find the original folder of the wordpress-seo plugin.
  • We upload our unzipped wordpress-seo folder, overwriting the original one, that is, we crush it with the new files.
  • We log into our WordPress and Voila !! Our plugin has appeared again.
  • We have a coffee and enjoy.

As I have commented previously, the plugin developers do not know for sure what is the reason for this, but it does happen and it is not the first time.

Yoast support

But at least the problem is solved, and we hope that in future versions, this will not happen again.

This is also the importance of using the support forums of the plugin developers, before we start messing around, we can visit the plugin file and see if there are other users with the same problem and see how they have solved it or open our own ticket with the support of the plugin to inform and obtain a solution, which in turn helps developers to identify the problem and be able to correct it.

If you see yourself, in this situation, you already know how to solve it. You can follow the thread in the Yoast support forum

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