How web hosting influences SEO and SEM campaigns, with Sergio Vázquez

Before making a web page or selling online, it is important to assess certain factors of hosting or web hosting because they will influence the campaigns to attract web traffic and the achievement of the website’s objectives.

For me the main factors of web hosting that influence web positioning campaigns in Google are these:

Loading speed of your website

Google evaluates the speed of your website as a factor of SEO web positioning as it has recognized in its official blog last year in mobile searches as can be seen here.

Most users who visit the web tend to do so on mobile devices that tend to have lower bandwidth than desktop and are often more impatient.

If a user sees that your website takes more than 3 seconds loading increases the bounce rate or percentage of users who visit a page and leave.

Therefore, if you were investing 1000 euros a month in pay-per-click campaigns such as Google Ads and they arrive on your website and leave, you have clearly palpated for not choosing a good web host.

It also influences the conversion rate of the web as users can despair when they are placing an order in your online store and see that they have to wait to reach the payment process or when adding products to the shopping cart.

An important factor of hosting is the loading time of the first byte or TTFB (Time to First Byte) that will depend on your hosting or web hosting provider and for that it is recommended that you have some of these elements that improve the loading speed of your website:

Gzip compression on the web server to send the compressed files

Cache System from web pages like LiteSpeed ​​or a caching plugin like WpRocket

HTTP2 / 3 protocol to parallelize the downloads of the different files on your website.

IP adress in the country where the majority of your website visitors are.

– If your website has many visits from countries around the world it is interesting to use a CDN or content distribution network such as CloudFlare so that static files such as images are served from web servers that are in the country closest to the visitor.

– Last PHP version and your web hosting.

Discos SSD which are faster than the old and mechanical HD.

To check the speed of your website and improve it you can use these free tools

Google PageSpeed

Page Speed ​​is a free tool from Google that gives you a test where it gives you a score from zero to 100 on mobile and generates suggestions to improve the speed of your website by giving improvement tips. Here you can see an example screenshot

Google pagespeed

My advice is that you have a score above 70 on mobile and PC.


Pingdom allows you to select the location from which you do the test and it tells you the loading time of your website at the time of the test, the weight of the files that make up your website in MB and the number of requests.
My advice is that your website takes less than 2 seconds to load, makes less than 100 requests for files and weighs less than 2MB.

Here you can see an example of this test on my website from Frankfurt, Germany:

Pingodoom tools


Another factor that influences campaigns is the security of your website against hacker attacks that can steal data or cause the website to crash.

For this, the web hosting provider must implement security improvements such as the following:

Https digital certificate so that the information sent to the website travels encrypted safe from malicious users and to also comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and give users confidence when entering personal data on your website.

Firewalls or firewalls that prevent unwanted access.

Automatic backups periodicals that allow you to recover from a loss of your website and restore it to the state it was in before the attack.

Security Recommendations such as automatic updates of your CMS software, using plugins to limit the login to your website or using strong passwords and renewing them from time to time.

Customer Support

It is useless to have a good web hosting if when you have a problem with your website there is no one to solve it or it takes a long time because your website may be down and lose customers every minute that passes.

This hosting customer service must have several communication channels such as: telephone, chat, email and ticket system so that the customer can choose the most appropriate to their circumstances.

All these factors influenced my decision to host my website on Host-Fusion and recommend it to students and clients every time they ask me.

I do not want to end the article without thanking Pedro for inviting me to write on his blog and inviting you to debate in the comments if you think I have missed any important point.

Bio: Sergio Vazquez is an Online Marketing Consultant specialized in SEO and Google Ads web traffic capture campaigns and SEO professor in various courses and Masters in Murcia, Alicante and Madrid.

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