How to verify your Domino in Google Search Console

Google Search Console formerly Google Webmaster, is an essential tool to register your domain in Google and also to obtain essential data about the presence of your website in Google search results, so that this search engine can find you and track your web, detect and solve incidences of indexing your content, consult the traffic data, the clicks they make on your website, etc.

It is not strictly necessary to register your website in Google Search Console for your website to be indexed by the search engine, generating content and over time, normally your website is indexed, but although it is true that if we register our website, the Indexing will take place much earlier and we will be able to obtain a lot of data that will help us to position our website and correct errors.

But telling the wonders of this tool is not the objective of today’s post, today I want to talk to you about how to add the DNS TXT record that Google Search Console provides us to verify the ownership of our domain and start working with this tool.

Open an account in Google Search Console

Open an account in Google Search Console

If you have an account open in Google (I hardly know anyone who does not have an account in Google) you already have an account in Google Search Console, you just have to go to their website to start the next Link

Add your domain

The first step is to add your domain and verify that you are the owner, for this Google offers you two options:

  1. Domain, which includes subdomains, all URLs both https and http and requiring DNS verification.
  2. URL prefix, which is only for URLs included in the entered address, with the specified protocol and allows various verification methods.
register your domain in Google

We recommend the first option and in the field enter your domain or subdomain, put it as appropriate, in the example we put the domain without http: // or https: // or www. we simply put the domain as you see in the image above and click CONTINUE.

Verify domain ownership using DNS registration

Once we have clicked on CONTINUE, the domain ownership verification screen appears.

In principle it has a selector to be able to verify with several providers, but in our case and if you are a Host-Fusion client or not and use cPanel, you can leave the initial screen by default where it shows you a code that we must add as a TXT record in the DNS Zone of our domain in order to verify its ownership.

Verify domain ownership using DNS registration

Add TXT record in the DNS Zone of our Domain

It is time to access our cPanel to proceed to add the TXT record in the DNS Zone of our domain.

This can be found in the section of Domains from our cPanel, by clicking on Zone Editor.

DNS zone editor

Once inside the Zone Editor we will see our domain and a series of button-like actions such as adding an A record, CNAME, MX but not a TXT record.

In order to add it, click on the button MANAGE

Administer DNS records Google Search Console

Clicking on Manage opens all the DNS records of our domain and we have the option of adding a record by opening the drop-down and selecting the TXT record that we need to add the Google verification code, you can see it very clearly in the following image .

Select TXT record

We are fully prepared to add the TXT record, in the first field we add the name of our domain, as is, but with a period at the end, the TTL field is set to 14400 by default, the TXT type as we need and in register we add the code provided by Google to finally press ADD REGISTRATION

Add Google Search Console code in cPanel

The result is that you can see in the following image, the registry has been added and we can edit it if necessary or delete it, although Google recommends that we do not delete the registry to remain verified all the time.

Added log cPanel, google search console

It is time to verify

Once we have added our TXT record in the DNS zone of our domain, it is time to verify, go ahead, click without fear.

Verify domain ownership using DNS registration

Verified property

If everything has gone well and you have followed the steps to the letter, the desired little sign should appear in green indicating that your domain has been verified.

Verified property, google search console

When will I start to get results

Well, in approximately 3/4 days you will start to get results, to show a button, this post was written on a Thursday morning and on Sunday morning I already received the email from Google with the following message:


I can only congratulate you and thank you for having followed this tutorial to verify the ownership of your domain with Google Search Console.

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