How to update your WordPress php

It has been several versions that WordPress has warned you if it is necessary to update php, if you have not entered your WordPress administration for a long time, it is most likely that you will find in addition to several updates of plugins and themes, that you are working with an insecure version of PHP .

Update to php 7.4

Is it necessary to update PHP?

Well yes, the truth is that it is necessary to update PHP for several reasons, for security and for the performance and speed of your WordPress.

If your WordPress is currently running under an outdated php version such as 5.6 it is very likely that several things will happen, that your site has become insecure, that the plugins and themes are not compatible and that in the very near future you will not you can update to the following versions of WordPress so you will end up being obsolete and vulnerable.

If I would like to point out, that if you are our client, we use Cloudlinux and the versions of php that we use are always updated and patched, because Cloudlinux continues to update and patching the versions of php even 4.0, so your website is insecure it would not be fully applicable in the case that your hosting provider uses Cloudlinux like us, you will be protected.

But that does not mean that you have compatibility problems with plugins and themes, so his thing is to update to a higher and updated version of php.

How and where to update the PHP of my hosting

In Host-Fusion.Com You have it very easy to solve and in a couple of clicks.

You just have to enter your cPanel and in the Software section you have the tool Select PHP version .

Select PHP Version

We enter the selector and we find the PHP selector with the current version at that time until the most modern as it is PHP 7.4 .

We simply have to select the one that interests us the most, 7.3 or 7.4, which are the most current, and save by clicking on «Set at current»It is pending to translate by cPanel 🙂 and voila, we have already updated the PHP and the warning message our administration has disappeared.

Select php 7.4 and press set at current

The first check that we must do is to visualize our WordPress, to see if everything is going correctly, it is very important that our plugins and themes are compatible with the version of php that we are using.

For example, if we have changed to php 7.4 it is possible that we find that some of our plugins is not compatible and we need to go down to 7.3.

The procedure to download php is the same, we select it from the drop-down menu and save with Set at current and check again.

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PHP extensions on demand

But that’s not the thing, with our php selector, you also have a menu of extensions a la carte in case you need a special extension, activate it in a click on the panel.

We have the most used ones active, but if there is one that you need and it is available in the panel, you just have to select it to make it active.

PHP extensions on demand

PHP options a la carte

We have also left the php settings to work without incident in most cases, but you can also change your PHP settings.

In the same interface you have the button Switch to PHP options (Switch to PHP options) where we can modify on demand certain values ​​of the php as you can see in the image.

Valores como allow_url_fopen, display errors, error reporting, file uploads, include path, logs errors, y los mas utilizados como max execution time, max input time, memory limit, post max size, upload max file size, a tu gusto y necesidades.

Advantages of updating PHP

Now your website will be more secure, you will enjoy having your system fully prepared for the new updates that will come and something very important, the speed of your WordPress will double and if you use our hosting it will triple, you will notice the improvement immediately and google also for what it will help you to position yourself better.

Host-Fusion.Com the hosting WordPress fastest of 2020

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