How to Staging WordPress the definitive guide

What is WordPress staging?

Staging WordPress is making a copy of your WordPress in production, a clone, where you can preview any changes or updates before applying them to your website in production.

This prevents any downtime or unexpected errors on your live website.

Practical cases.

The most practical case we can take is updating from version 4.xx to 5.xx of WordPress, you know, Gutenberg, plugin compatibility, theme etc.

In this case we can make use of staging, to clone our website and do the appropriate tests, we update plugins, theme and WordPress version and if everything has gone correct, we pass this clone, to production in a single click, making sure that ours has always been online and that we have updated everything, previously tested on the clone.

When we want to test a plugin and we don’t want to put it into production until the appropriate tests are carried out. We can also do staging of our WordPress, clone it, install and configure the plugin and if we are satisfied with the result, we put it into production.

We are going to make a design change on our website, same operation, once we have everything ready in our clone, we launch it safely.

How to do WordPress staging in Host-Fusion.Com step by step.

In this process, we will create a Staging copy of a live WordPress installation in a “staging” subdirectory.

1) Access your cPanel control panel
Click on the WordPress icon in the Softaculous section
This will take you to the Softaculous End User Panel

Click on the staging icon to start the cloning process of your WordPress

Fill in the details of the Staging installation as shown in the screenshot below, the directory, the database (optional) and press the Create Staging button.

Your clone has been created and you can now log into it and start making your changes, tests before going to production

How to put our staging (clone) in production.

Once we have finished our tests and are satisfied with the changes, it is time to put our clone into production.

We return to Softaculous to see now the two WordPress installations, the one in production and the staging with our clone already updated and with everything prepared and unlike the production one, it has an additional icon to put our staging into production.

We click on the icon to put into production and once inside the interface we have two options to put files and database live or customize (Customize), it allows us to put into production only the files, only the database, changes in the tables or everything.

Video how to staging WordPress at Host-Fusion.Com

The same steps described above, but in a video version so you can see it working live.

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