How to show reading time in your WordPres articles

One of the objectives we have when creating or working with a blog is to make the user feel comfortable and spend as much time as possible on our page.

To help you in this task, today we are going to talk about how to show the reading time at the beginning of your WordPress articles. A process with which you can easily offer the reader the approximate time they will spend reading the post.

To achieve this, it is as easy as installing Reading Time. It is a plugin that, as I said, will allow you to offer this function to the user, encourage their reading and it will help us lower the bounce rate.

The plugin can be found in the official WordPress repository. When installing and activating it, you will find its configuration menu within the settings section, in your WordPress control panel.

Reading time para WordPress

The setup is very simple. We can modify the reading speed, which by default places it at 200, although if you want you can raise it a little to 250 or even 300.

We can also change the color of the progress line or directly prevent it from appearing on the screen.

Estimated reading time

Within the configuration, we also have the option to measure the estimated time in minutes. We will go back to the configuration to change the last point, and in the text of the first section, we will have to change seconds by minutes.

Of course, it has a small drawback:

If we have a post of less than a minute, the system will also put “minutes” since it is what we have predefined.

But come on, it’s not easy for us to have a post of less than a minute.

Reading time settings
Estimated reading time, information shown by the Reading time plugin

And with this you would already have configured this plugin that should serve you both to encourage the reader to read your post and to lower the bounce rate of your website.

Alternative Plugins to show estimated reading time in WordPress

Yes, as in almost everything related to WordPress, there are many plugins that can serve you to fulfill your objective, and in this case it was not going to be less. In addition to the aforementioned Reading Time, we can recommend other updated and tested ones such as:

Read Meter
Reading progressbar

In addition to them, there are others that, although they are widely used, we cannot advise their use, since they are not tested in the latest versions of WP and they do not have recent updates.

Always remember the need to test plugins in a test environment that allows you to know them thoroughly, before installing them in your final project.

Have you ever used it?

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