How to show Google my Business reviews in WordPress

One of the tools available to Google my Business is the possibility for your customers and users to leave reviews about your company and its services and you, as the owner, can reply to those reviews and interact with them.

Reviews on

These reviews are shown in the Google search engine when we do a search on the company in question and that company has previously registered in Google my Business.

The function of these reviews is to receive and offer feedback from customers and users of our services to people interested in them, obviously if they are good it will encourage our future customer to buy our products or services, so if you do not have one account in Google my Business it is interesting that you open it and use the different tools that it offers us, apart from the reviews, since it will help us to publicize our company and position ourselves, but that will be in another post, today we are in the reviews and how to display them in our WordPress.

How to show Google my Business reviews in WordPress

For this we can use a plugin, of course, in this case we have selected Google Reviews Widget, a free plugin with more than 60,000 installations that will allow us to insert the reviews of our Google my Business account in our WordPress.

Google reviews Widget

Google Reviews Widget is available for free in the WordPress repository and as usual we can search, install and activate it from the administration of our WordPress.

Add plugins in WordPress

Once installed and activated we have to create an api key in the Google console to be able to connect and be able to show the reviews. Perhaps it can be a bit complex if you have not created an api key in Google before, for this I leave you the capture of the steps and an explanatory video with the step by step

Once we have obtained our api key from Google and we have connected with our account in Google my Business, we can create our shortcodes to be able to include them in any part of our WordPress, in addition to having a Widget to include it in the sidebar of our website or by example in the footer.

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Although for the newest it can be a bit confusing to create an api key in Google to be able to connect the plugin with our WordPress and be able to show the reviews, they are really a few easy steps to follow and that will allow us to show our reviews in our WordPress, I encourage you to do it and so when you need to create new apis keys for other Google tools, such as Google Maps, that path that you will have already traveled.