How to restore a WordPress file, working with Jetbackup

Today we bring you in video format the easiest way to restore a WordPress, a file, a folder, an email, a database in a very simple way using our backup tool Jetbackup.

On this occasion, we deliberately loaded a WordPress, deleting the index.php file and generating a 404 error throughout our website, we left it completely inoperative, to bring it back to life in a couple of clicks and very quickly.

This can happen to us when we work for example with the functions.php file and we have not made a backup copy of the file before making changes or for example when we have updated a plugin or the theme and our WordPress has not supported it and stops working good.

From experience I know that the vast majority choose to restore the complete WordPress or even to restore the complete hosting when it is not really necessary to go to such extremes, simply by restoring that file, the plugin folder or the database if necessary, it is solves the incident without having to restore everything and in many cases lose information.

But the best thing is that you watch the video where I explain it to you step by step.

How to restore a WordPress file