How to remove the background from an image in a few clicks

Removing the background of an image is an action that we may need on different occasions, for example removing the background of a portrait to create our personal page, to decorate our website or remove the background of that photo in which we look so great if not Out of that horrible background, the possibilities are endless.

It depends on the image and the background can be quite complicated, surely you have seen more than one “botch” out there, doing it well is done by professionals who have powerful and expensive photographic editing programs to do these tasks.

But there is always a break for an unstitched and this time we bring you a free online resource to eliminate those funds that we do not want live and in a matter of seconds, to show a button, we can convert this photo into all of these.

To do this we just have to go to the website of RemoveBG and upload our image


As we upload our image to the web, the background is automatically removed, that easy

Remove the background from an image automatically

If we click on the Edit button, they offer us several alternative backgrounds and the possibility of applying a blurred effect to the background to further enhance our image, to your liking.

Select a background

Once you have the image to your liking, you can download the free option that has its limitations in resolution and size, for example the images that we have treated for this post have had no cost and the quality of the result is quite good, but if you want more quality of resolution and size have plans of quite affordable prices.

RemoveBG We have found it to be a very interesting resource and most importantly, practical to eliminate the background of an image.