How to protect your WordPress from plagiarism

So many hours of work, creativity and dedication for an unscrupulous plagiarist to copy your content simply with a copy and paste, because plagiarists in addition to copying you without any shame, are lazy, very lazy.

That they do not copy the contents is almost impossible, there is always some way to do it, screenshots for example, but that later entails transcribing it, but the plagiarist is lazy by nature and that takes an additional effort so they usually abandon and look for another most “careless” victim with the protection of its contents.

Today we bring you 3 plugins, from the simplest to the most advanced to help you protect your content against plagiarism.

3 Plugins to protect your WordPress from plagiarism



Possibly the simplest and most neglected anti-copy content plugin that we can find.

Compatible with most browsers, it deactivates the copying of text and images, as well as protecting the contents from being able to be included in an iframe within another website.

A simple, straightforward, clean and very effective plugin, although it does not have advanced anti-copy levels, but it protects our contents in a very simple way.

Like all the plugins that we test on our blog, available in the official WordPress repository.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

With this plugin we take a few more advanced steps, as described by its authors:

This plugin protects the content of the posts from being copied, you do not want your content to be disseminated without your permission !!
The plugin will keep your posts and your home page protected by multiple techniques (JavaScript + CSS), these techniques are not found in any other WordPress plugin and you will have it for free with this plugin.

Basic characteristics:

  • Protect your content from selecting and copying.
  • There is no right click or context menu.
  • Show alert message, image ad, or HTML ad on saved images or right-click.
  • Deshabilita las teclas CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X,CTRL+S o CTRL+V.
  • Advanced and easy-to-use control panel.
  • No one can right-click images on your site if you don’t want to.
WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection is a simple but effective plugin that uses a number of aggressive techniques to protect your online content from being stolen.

Some of the more common content copy methods (via mouse, keyboard, and browser), such as right-click, drag / drop / save images, text selection / slide / drop, source code display, and keystrokes. Keyboard copy shortcuts like CTRL A, C, X, U, S and P are disabled with this plugin (just to name a few).

  • Disables the right-click context menu for all content.
  • Disable text selection on PC and mobile devices.
  • Disable drag / drop / save text and images on PC and mobile devices.
  • Basic image protection (URLs for image links are automatically removed).
  • On-screen keyboard and shortcut context key copy methods disabled.
  • Secures your upload directory and subdirectories for public access.
  • Disables right-click and save to default video and audio embeddings.
  • Javascript validation (displays an error message when disabled in the user’s browser).
  • Disable keyboard copy controls (CTRL A, C, X) – Windows only.
  • It deactivates the functions of the «View source code», «Save page» and «Print» keys.
  • Disable the hotkey f to access the developer tools to view the source code.
  • There are no annoying popups or alert messages as they are known to smear your site.
  • There are no negative side effects on your SEO (search engines can read your content).
  • This is a non-resource consuming plugin that runs silently in the background.
  • No configuration, customization, or coding required. Just install and activate.

Possibly the most complete plugin of the three, it also has a paid version if you want extra and advanced functions.


Nobody likes to have content copied, whether it be texts or images, with these three plugins that we bring you today, from the simplest to the most complex, (although I assure you that all three are very easy to manage) you can protect your content plagiarists.

And to plagiarists, just tell you that with a little effort it is not necessary to plagiarize anyone.

We will read in the next post.