How to protect our WordPress from raw force attacks

The largest raw force attack on WordPress is on the network right now, as reported from the Wordfence blog, is the largest attack to date on record.

Up to 14 million attacks per hour, more than 10,000 IPs involved, 190,000 WordPress attacked per hour, the most aggressive attack since this type of attack began in 2012.

This is the most common attack that WordPress receives today, the raw force attack, which is performed on the WordPress login and the WordPress xmlrpc.php file.

In today’s program we are going to discuss this topic and we are going to give the best advice and recommend the best plugins to help us protect our WordPress from these types of attacks.

  • Double authentication factor, through plugins and manually.
  • Security plugins, Firewalls and server measurements.
  • Administrator username.
  • Types of attacks.
  • Target of the attackers.
  • Consequence of the attacks.
  • Password security.

Today, December 19, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, live and direct, Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion, we will tell you the best techniques, plugins and common sense measures, so that you can take the best defense of your WordPress

You can follow the program live in this same post.

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