How to move a WordPress to a new domain between servers

Changing the domain name and keeping our WordPress is a task that can become complicated if we do not know how to proceed.

We can do it manually the long way, download all the files by ftp, export the database, change the url in our database with a program that does a search and replace, upload the files to the new hosting, create a database, import the database and finally modify the connection data of the wp-config.php file and hope that you have not skipped anything, which after working for a few hours it is very likely that if you have not done it before it can be frustrating.

Personally, I am in favor of doing it sometime, everything by hand, it is good because you really learn how things work and doing it in a professional way gives great personal satisfaction.

But we can also do it just as well and without any errors if we use those wonderful migration plugins such as Duplicator that allows you to clone and move to a new domain and especially our favorite All in One WP Migration.

Migrate WordPress to a New Cross-Server Domain with All In One WP Migration

All in one Wp Migration

With All in One WP Migration we have it quite easy, fast, professional and even fun.

It’s not that it’s not going to take our time because we have to do our preparations, but for my taste it is the best plugin for doing WordPress migrations of any kind. Let’s see how to do it step by step

The first step is to install All in One WP Migration in the WordPress that we want to clone, we simply look for it from our administration in the plugins section

Intalar All in One WP Migration

We install it and activate it to proceed with the export, what we want is to make an exact copy of our WordPress and generate a downloadable file that we will then import (upload) to WordPress with a different domain name that is our goal.

Exportar archivo all in one WP migration

We select the destination to which we want to export, the simplest is File, which generates a file to download locally, to later use this same exported file to import it into the destination WordPress.

Descargar Archivo all in one wp migration

Once we have the copy of our WordPress, the next step is to either install a new WordPress on the destination hosting and install the All in one WP migration plugin or if we already have WordPress installed, we also install the plugin.

Once WordPress and Plugin are installed, we opt in this case for the import option to upload the previously generated file to our WordPress.

importar archivo all in one WP migration

Click on import and select the file, a window will automatically open for us to select the file to import.

Important, you must check what is the maximum weight of files that you can upload to your WordPress and modify it if necessary, for example with us you can do this from the options of the modified php selector in the section post_max_size Y upload_max_filesize.

You can also add this line to your .htaccess to put the maximum allowed by the plugin.

php_value post_max_size 256M

The plugin admits up to a maximum of 512MB to import, if your file exceeds this weight it is necessary to buy the unlimited extension, if you are going to carry out many migrations it is an investment that you will pay off immediately.

Once the file is imported, it warns us that all the content will be overwritten

Click on proceed to execute the import, first of files and then of databases, to finally clone your WordPress in this new hosting with a new domain.

Goal achieved, we have cloned a WordPress from one hosting to another hosting and with a different domain without having to make changes to the database routes or any modification, the plugin takes care of making all the changes for us.

We will read next week with another article;)