How to hide and protect your WordPress

There are several ways to protect and secure our WordPress, through plugins, code, firewalls. There are also many very good security plugins that the vast majority of us know and use, Wordfence, Sucuri Security, Ninja Firewall, All in One Security and firewall, Ithemes Security and several more.

As a general rule, these plugins block raw force attacks, harden files and directories, have a firewall that protects us from the most common attacks, but normally they maintain the structure of our WordPress and respect the routes, for example, of the login , from the uploads folder, the plugins folder etc.

Today in WordPress News in Spanish, we want to take one more step in WordPress security and we are going to talk about how we can protect our WordPress, hiding from our attackers, precisely that, the usual routes of our WordPress.

As it can be, eliminate all possible information about our WordPress, hiding and modifying, for example, the login path to our installation, changing the name of the wp-content folder, hiding and changing the name of the xmlrpc.php file to avoid attacks from raw force, hiding our plugins folder, eliminating html comments, adjusting the url of the theme we use, creating our own wp-include folder and many other functionalities that will help to desist bots and malicious attackers from attacking our WordPress and searching other easier prey and thus avoid thousands of attacks on our facility.

Bots usually search a string, usually a vulnerable plugin or some WordPress vulnerability and find thousands of WordPress that include that information in their source code, now, imagine that the source code of your WordPress is so modified, that the bot It cannot find you or if it finds you, it gets lost among so many paths that it does not recognize, which makes it impossible to follow a trace according to the normal parameters of the WordPress code.

The most normal thing is that it does not find you and if it does find you, it does not understand what it is reading, since all the code it reads is so modified that it does not fit with a conventional WordPress.

Is this possible ? Yes, we have found a great plugin in the official WordPress repository, which is capable of doing this and much more.

Today, December 14, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in Spain, live and direct, Antonio Postigo @hoystreaming and Pedro Santos @hostfusion, we will talk about WP Hide & Security Enhancer, a security plugin with more than 20,000 active installations, which is capable of hiding our WordPress and protecting it thanks to a simple interface that allows us to change the parameters of our WordPress, just so that it does NOT look like internally it is a WordPress.

You can follow the program live and participate with your comments on FB, in this same article.
So that you can make your mouths of this great plugin, I leave you the video, in which you will be able to see everything that it is capable of doing.

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