How to get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

As we promised in several RRSS, after publishing the results of optimizing a WordPress to get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights, today we have made this video, where we show you step by step and in a very simple way how it is possible to obtain the 100/100 so much for Mobile how to Computer.

For this we have obviously used our servers LiteSpeed with our technology #Speedfusion and a single plugin, LiteSpeed Cache, currently the best cache plugin for WordPress, but it only has one drawback, it only works on LiteSpeed ​​servers like the ones you use Host-Fusion.Com, since it connects with the server and takes advantage of all the server’s cache technology, to get the most out of it and turn your WordPress into a real rocket ship.

This together with the implementation of the protocol QUIC (Technology used and developed by Google), much faster and more efficient than HTTP/2, but they work together, providing your WordPress with the most advanced technology and exceptional performance and speed.

With our #Speedfusion technology, Google yes he is going to adore you. Enjoy the latest technology for your WordPress

They are already here…. #Speedfusion from Pedro Santos on Vimeo.

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